Nanny Search

My son was diagnosed December 2008 and is currenty 4 1/2.  We've been adjusting to caring for him and are things have been going fairly well.  We're switching to the pump next month.   My current nanny is leaving in December and I'm looking for advice on how to find someone to care for him with diabetes along with my other two children, ages 3 and 9 months.  We live in Westchester, NY and my older children attend private pre-K that doesn't have a nurse.  Any advice?


Unfortunatly, I am not in your area to help recommend anyone, but I would suggest contacting the JDRF chapter in your area and ask them for help. That is what they are here for. I know in my area, they have a list of baby-sitters/ nannies that you can contact, or they can point you towards an agency that can help.

You might want to consider before having one nanny leave and one take over, having them work together for a couple of weeks, so the replacement has time to get used to the quirks of diabetes, as well as get used to your schedule.


Good luck with your search!