Nanny to Daycare

So my son who was diagnosed at 22 months with T1 has been with a nanny since he was 10 weeks old.  She has been great to us!  My son however needs to be stimulated more and even is asking to go to school. (I work) I have found a daycare center that has a woman who would be his teacher that had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and knows how to test.  There is also a diabetic assistant.  I would of course still do breakfast and his needles.  I am having anxiety about trusting someone other than myself, husband and the nanny.  I DO NOT want to hold him back because of my insecurities.  Any advice, tips or questions you may think of that can ease the anxiety or for questions to ask the daycare center.  I have plenty of questions but you may have one I will overlook.  

Thank you in advance!




I do not have a child that age - so it may be different. My goal has been to look at each opportunity and say if he did not have diabetes would this be something I would want for him ( that helps me seperate the diabetes issues from the maturity issues) IF the answer is yes then I work really hard to find away to allow him to do it with me still feeling confident that the diabetes is handled well.  Having a teacher that is familiar and a diabetic assistant sounds like a great place to start!  If you sense that they are both individually  willing and able to do all of his care then I would make sure that there is a good communication between all of you, and that there is back up in case the teacher or assistant is absent.   Think through all issues that might come up - outings, birthday snacks, fire drills, etc etc.  Insure that all staff  are trained in diabetes and emergency care. The more you all have these things planned ahead the more connfident you will all be ( knowing of course that there will need to be additions and adjustments along the way). 

Finally though, trust your motherly instincts -- if you are really uncomfortable about anything there is probably a reason.  DO not allow your child to be in any situation that you are uncomfortable with.

Hope everything works out well.

I'm in prettty much the same boat we learned of  our 2 & a half  yr. old son's diabetes 1 monh ago. He's never been to pre school but really need's to be w/ other lil ones & I need to go to work. Sound's like the one your looking at has a couple of people that are somewhat onboard that's better than where I'm at I hve not ben that lucky. We are in Ca Good luck  I know it's hard

My daughter was diagnosed at age 3 and was the first diabetic in her daycare. I made it very simple for them. I did not teach them anything more than they had to know and I made sure they had the phone numbers of people that could answer any questions at any time. I did arrange with the owner to go in with my daughter to go over things to watch for and teach the staff about T1 diabetes and that worked good. I made up sheets with notes and things to know ahead of time so they could think of any questions they may have and  I addressed them at the meeting.  Not sure what they do for meals but I always pack my daughters lunch, during the summer they don't serve meals, and write down all the carbs for them to make sure they have it right. In the school year it is trickier because Courtney likes the hot meals and sometimes I am not sure what they are using in the meals. But I was always patient and tried to make things as simple as possible for them. They appreciated because within the last 3 months another little girl was diagnosed and is going there. The hardest part was reminding the older people that worked there that she can eat whatever she wants as long as we can attempt to figure out the carbs. Many are stuck in the good old days where everything was off limits so I had to help a few of them change their mind sets. We have been very fortunate and had no real issues with daycare or school now either. Good luck!

Oh yeah, some Endo's or Childrens will send a trainer if you ask. I took that route for Courtneys pump training and it worked great for the daycare. May want to ask the doctor about that option.