Hi guys.
I have NAPLAN tomorrow and I’m worried that I’ll go high or low and lose precious time.
Anybody got any ideas for what I could do?

@TypeWonderful hi,

Hope your tests went well. For some, the stress raises blood sugar, for others you can go low. With anything. Test more and have carbs on you. Hope you did ok Up until 6 minutes ago I had no idea what naplan was.

NAPLAN is an Australian test which everyone in grade 3,5,7 and 9 takes. It last 3 days so I’ve got tomorrow and the day after left.
I ended up reaching 19.8 mmol/L (342-360 mg/dl) and my CGM showed me slowly rising.
I strongly suggest any other diabetics taking NAPLAN to carry their insulin as well as hypo treatment.

@TypeWonderful, well that stinks. at least a high doesn’t stop me from thinking the way a low does. hope you had a better run today.

Yeah, I did. Today is the last day, so hopefully I’ll be fine :thinking: