NBC's Possible Cure

The link to the article is:


To me, it seems way to soon to comment.  There are so many things that work in NOD mice and have no real impact on humans.  There are talks of trials and they got this far, in part, with help from funding from JDRF - so.. let's hope they're on to something!

Anyone know any of the folks actually doing this work? (ahem - *nudge* *nudge* JDRF staffers - any contacts??? *poke* *poke*)


Yeah, i saw this on NBC news, and no where else. Does anyone know why? The other question that the news report did not answer is if this new finding is applicable to honeymooners or anyone that has Type 1.  Well the report looked very promising, but as with anything who knows what kind of complications they might uncover.



I'll wonder whether it works on something other than NOD mice before the complications issue, I suspect - here's hoping, eh?