Neat video

This is not about diabetes, just something I watched that tugged my heart strings!! A baby boy hears Mom for 1st time after cochlear implant!!! Caused my eyes to leak.

Keith, I work with young (newly implanted) toddlers w/ CI's, and I sometimes think about the connection between them and us. Many CI "thinkers" and authors talk about being "bionic" and using implantable technology to replace a missing structure/function of the body. It makes me think about how it feels to be required to use an external medical device like a pump, or even a CGM. It also makes me think about the hopes I have of an artificial pancreas.

I went to a talk recently by an author who got bilateral CI's at age 36. It got me musing about how I never really feel "naked", even in the shower, w/ the CGM sensor attached, and I don't even wear a pump. Not that I think external or internal medical devices are bad, but I think it has the potential to change how we see ourselves as humans and how we think of how the human body works.

OK, done with my philosophical musings for the day!!


That was the sweetest video. It made me get teary!!! Technology is amazing!

That is amazing!  How wonderful technology can be!  Thanks for sharing!

one of my friends posted that on facebook. definitely something way cool to see.