Need a friend who understands

Hi, my name is kaylee. I live in utah, I am 14 years old, I have been a t1d for about 5 years now, and I still have no diabetic friends. I just want to make some new friends that truly understands what it’s like, and maybe help others with the stressful and emotional rollercoaster that comes with diabetes. Let me know if you wanna talk!

Hi Kaylee!! I’m not ur age but I can relate to needing a T1D friend!! It’s a tough diagnosis and we need to be on top of it day after day!! I know what ur going thru and I was just diagnosed in 2013, six yrs ago so I know what it’s like to live ur life one day only to find out u need to change everything and add new glucose monitoring to ur schedule!!

I’m happy to be ur friend but I’m guessing u’d like someone close to ur age!! But I just wanted to tell u ur not alone & we totally get it!! Good luck finding a friend close in age to u!! If u can’t find anyone, message me!! I’ll be ur friend!! HUGS!!!

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Hey sandy, I’d have no problem with being your friend. I think it would be great!! If you wanna talk sometime I could give you my number or my email or something.