Need a new pump. Animas or Minimed?


This morning I noticed that my Anmias pump screen was off. When I checked out the pump, I realized that the battery cap was lose. Unfortunately, it was broken and I was not able to put it back on. Now, I have to get a new pump. I am trying to decide if I should get the Animas Ping or switch to Minimed which offers the continuous glucose monitor system. Any advice would be very helpful.

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What exactly was broken?  If it was only the battery cap, you can purchase that as a separate item.


Thank you so much for your suggestion. There is a crack on the pump where the battery cap goes on, but I think a new cap would work for now. I will try that out first before making a hasty decision about a new pump. I called my animas rep. and she is close by and can lend me a cap. My sugar is already 300 and so I really hope that this will work out. Thank you again.

I would also check with Animas and see if they'll cover your pump under warranty if it's within that timeframe - you might be able to get a replacement at little/no cost...

That's what I suggest. Warranty lasts 4yrs. Minimed Fexex over night and send you a box to return the defective meter.

I have an Animas 2020 pump.  Have had an Animas pump for 3.5 years and have had it replaced twice under warranty.  One time was similar to the problem you describe.  I strongly encourage you to call the phone number on the back of your pump and ask for warranty replacement.  That is if you have had your pump less than 4 years.  Animas customer service is excellent.

I've been on two Minimed pumps and investigated all the pumps before deciding to get a Ping this time.  The good thing about the Minimed is that it holds more insulin BUT the insertion sets and other equipment are more expensive.  Minimed's support isn't quite as good, either.  The DexCom 7 (which is the more accurate CGM) is going to eventually pair with the Ping so that it will only be one machine (like the current Minimed).  However, Minimed's pumps don't change much. My last pump was 10 years ago and the only thing that really changed in Minimed's pumps was the computer program.  Ping is a bit more up-to-date.  I'd also call Animas- they may replace the broken part at a much lower cost.  They also allow for trade-ins.  I'm on the Ping and the DexCom 7. I did a lot of research before deciding on either and I would definitely pick those two over the Minimed.  Some people REALLY love their Minimeds, though.

I love my MM 722, and you would have to pry it from my cold dead hands! I loved the integration with BG machine, and integrated CGMS. The carelink website allows you to upload your pump readings, settings, and any BG sensor data to the web for detailed analysis reports, and the option for your doctors office to be able to look at the same data and make recommendation, without you having to go into the office! One complaint on the carelink, there are no USB drivers for Mac, or Windows 7. They are working on Win 7 drivers but only 32 bit at this time, with 64 bit drivers coming later. This is a major bummer for me as I have a 64 bit Win 7 laptop that I just purchased, and am unable to currently upload my data.

Unlike some, I have found Medtronics customer support  easy to deal with, and they took care of all of my questions and needs in a timely fashion. Having worked in a very customer oriented business for 10 years I have some patience for customer service, but I do not have a lot of patience. I have called them at weird hours, 3 am and was helped by a cheerful person who answered all of my questions fully.

I know some say the MM sales reps are pushy, but that is their job. If they are not selling pumps and equipment they are not doing their job right. I have had 40+ vendor reps call on me and they are all this way.

I would suggest putting a spreadsheet together with all of the pros and cons of each pump you are considering, and rank the importance of certain features. If you like integrated BG, more basal rates, special pump spacific features, note them and rank them. This should help you figure out what pumps have the features that are important to you. Also see if each company will give you a loaner demo pump to see how the user interface (UI) works for you. Like cell phones, different pumps have different UI, and maybe some features take more button pushes, ect that will become annoying over time.