Need a Pod! Chandler Arizona

Hello!  I live in California but am staying in Phoenix area over the weekend.  I brought TWO OmniPods and they both fizzled out on me (very rare, but of course it happens on vacation).  Does anyone live in the area using an OmniPod that would be willing to give me one?  I will mail one back to you when I get back home.  Its this or do small Humalog shots every hour.  Ugh.  Let me know!  Thanks SO much!

Angie - how unfortunate!  I do not use the OmniPod, but that sounds like something the company would/should replace for you.  Their 24 hour customer care line is 800-591-3455.  There may even be a local pharmacy there in Phoenix, that Insulet can point you to, which carries them.  Good luck!

You have probably solved your problem by now, but if not post an update. I have extra pods and live in Phx...