Need Advice On Bedtime Snack Bars

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if any of you use snack bars like Extend or Nite Bites to keep your sugar from getting too low overnight. Please let me know if you've tried any and what flavor you liked the best.



I like the glucerna bars though they are a little more expensive then any other snack bars the oatmeal ones are really good.

well I like to eat the Sunbett brand Peanut Butter Chip granola bars. There about 22 carbs and taste great =D

I like the recess snack bars!!

I dunno about extend, but if you eat nite bite you will never forgive yourself. We used to get them at camp for a couple years...they are worse than eating a plain stick of chalk. They are dry, chalky (hence the chalk comment) taste like a horribly failed attempt at flavored chalk, and arnt worth the money you pay for them.  I also recommed the Glucerna brand.  For all tehir products.  I have the cereal, bars, even shakes and they all taste wonderful!

I eat many things, but I have really liked the Extend Bar. The chocolate left a rough taste in my mouth sometimes. However, the peanut butter chocolate ones were really good. Plus they do seem to work from what I can tell. I think they are kinda pricey, but hey they are still good. Next time I go out I will try the Apple Cinnamon ones, I love Apple.

we use south beach living protein cereal bars, chocolate. 15 carbs / bar, 10 protein and 5 fat/bar. she likes them, she's 11 and likes chocolate.

If I am worried about going low overnight for whatever reason, I eat protein. 

I usually stick with peanut butter crackers, or just plain peanut butter.  I have never had any of those protein bars you guys have mentioned, but I don't really like things like that! 

 And the chalk comment? Cracked me up!  I feel like anything that is supposed to be 'good for diabetics' or anything like that always tastes like chalk, styrofoam, or Boost.  I just stick with the regular stuff!