Need advice on getting financial assistance

My baby girl (3 1/2 year old) was diagnosed with T1D 2 years ago and i had to quit my job 2 years ago to take care of her. As a mom i am always there for her but i am trying to figure out if i anyone knows if i can qualify for any financial assistance from Social Security as a caregiver or from the state of California? My husband works but a single income has been hard for us. Anyone been this road or any suggestions? I dont know if i can even qualify for SS?

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I live in California my daughter is 2 1/2 diagnosed at 9 months we’ve been getting social security benefits for 5 months now they say she qualifies till she’s around 7 years of age because she needs help administering her insulin and carb counting but since my husband works and his paychecks very her $ varies between $20-700 a month it always changes.

Hi Gemma,

You are a wonderful mom to face this challenging time with your growing, beautiful daughter. You are to be commended! These are the years that will shape her life, and make her an independent, self-assured young woman. Learning to manage her diabetes/diet at an early age will give her confidence that will last a lifetime.

Although I have never visited a Social Security Office to apply for any assistance,
I believe the only way you will know what you will qualify for with Social Security, for your daughter, is to visit your local SS office to discuss your daughter’s case in person.
They will probably need 2 years of tax returns, and other records to help you apply. (you should call to set up an appointment to go into the office). They will be able to tell you what you will need to bring into the office for your visit.

Meanwhile, other assistance is available for her medications.
Google Search is always helpful for finding assistance.

Here are a few sites that should help you: (there’s a discount prescription drug coupon on this site–use the arrows at the top of the page to find the topic “Discount Card”, click on this to display the card, then print)

My husband and I lived in California for the last 40+ years and moved to Texas 1.5 years ago for retirement. I have been a Type I Diabetic for 30+ years, so I do understand the costs of being an insulin dependent diabetic in California.
My multiple medications have always been very expensive. (I also have epilepsy and had simultaneous onset of thyroid disease when I developed diabetes).

I hope some of these sites will help lower your monthly costs and ease your financial burden.

Best of luck on your family path,


Thank you for your input. Did you apply yourself or did you get a lawyer?

Thank you Jane for all the information.

I applied myself. My child’s doctor recommended that I did and actually she was approved faster than most.