Need advice on pumps

I need some advice from my fellow insulin pumpers.  I am considering changing the pump that I am currently using and wanted to know what other people think of the pumps they are using.  I am currently using an Omnipod pump, (and a Dexcom CGM) and have been since 2010. I have been having A LOT of issues with the Omnipod pump, with the pods "erroring out" often.  I have had the entire unit replaced -twice- since October 2011, most recently was a little over a week ago, (and a couple times before then as well) but each new device seems to have the same issues (communication errors; cannot locate the sensor, or the pods error out/alarm often).  I had two pods fail yesterday in a 12 hr period and am really tired of it. 

I am wondering if anyone uses the Animas or the Medtronic (or other) pumps and what you think are the pros/cons of it?  I don't know much about any other pump than the Omnipod. I have new insurance so I can switch pumps and I'm interested in switching to a different pump, since I've been having so many issues with the Omnipod.

Any input of both pros and cons of the pump you are currently using would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you, I'm so happy to have a resource like this!!