Need friends

Hello I’m autumn, i have been T1D for 7 years now and I’m 14. Where i live there are what seems to be no other diabetics. I know my family and friends are great supporters and try to understand but i would really like to meet people who are like me and completely get what I’m going through. thanks!!!

Hi Autumn. I’m Matthew. I have had T1D for one full year now. It also seems like there aren’t a lot of diabetics my age around here.

Heyo! I am Fiona I am also 14 years old we can be pen-pals! I mean I know a lot of diabetics but it is still uber exciting to hear about others’ stories!!!

Hi! I’m Delaney. I’m 13. I have been diabetic for 8 years. There are not many diabetics that I know. We should chat sometime!

Hi! I’m Halli and I’m 13 years old. I have been diabetic for 2 years now. I know one other diabetic, but she is eight. XD Message me if you would like XD