Need Help and Support!

Hi Matt, My son is 12 and has had type 1 since 8, I do A LOT of reading on this and want to share that 70% of teenagers with type 1 don’t meet their A1C.(google this). You have A LOT on your plate already and are not alone with this struggle.

Teen brains are not fully developed to manage all that it takes to be "perfect at diabetes, that said, you have to try to be ok and safe, which seems like you are by taking Lantus and reaching out to this group for a better A1C that is a great step and be proud of yourself!

Join online or in person groups with other teens to discuss real problems, there is a teen group on T1D Nation and also Facebook and Snapchat, etc. all have great groups for people with T1D.

Focus on th e positive, and try to get a pump and or Dexcom CGM, also a therapist if you can, we see one who has type 1 herself so she gets it because she was a teen with and knows how hard it is.

Don’t get bogged down listening to overly judgmental people, which is hard for a teen, and again talking to other teens w/it can really help.

JDRF does a Type 1 Nation in my area and my son and I attend. They have breakout sessions with other kids and he gets a lot out of it, so try to find one in your area.

Maybe follow a blog or two to learn what others go through and real time tech updates etc. Here are a couple I follow. Nick Jonas started this one:

Reach out anytime! Good Luck and you are not alone reaching out is such a great start!!

Two more things - A Dexcom G5 will save you time as you DONT need to blood check to dose insulin except twice a day and you can see realtime your numbers so you can adress highs and lows faster and easier - we LOVE it, its waterproof and join a Facebook group for Dexcom wearers to find out lots of helpful tricks.

TW0 - I might seek a new endo more supportive of tech, pumps etc.