Need help on choosing a pump

My daughter is now three and diagnosed at 14 months old.  Our dr. gave us three options; Omnipod, Medtronic and Animas.  We have been using pens and I am not educated on these devices, any opnion would be helpful.



sometimes those pump companies will host introduction section, try to find out when is from your diabetes team.  I have been digging around the information about pump too. They told me about the section on Nov30. don't know where you live, if you happen live in Toronto, I can pass on the information about the time and location for you.

Just for curiosity, how much insulin does your daughter take? my son's endo did not like the idea of putting him on a pump.

Our son is 12.  He was diagnosed at 11 months, and has been pumping with the Medtronic Minimed since he was 4.  We have been very happy with it, and cannot imagine going back to shots.  I would recommend the Minimed, but the others have pluses, too.  Good luck!

Hey, Angie!

Three D-mom bloggers I follow did a review of the pumps they use for their kids.  You can find their "Parade of Pumps" at these three links:

Hope that helps!