Need help with switching from pen to pump, what meters do they use?

My son is 8 years old and was dx last Jan. He has the CSHC coverage which requires me to use a pharmacy that is also a DME. Shoot, maybe it my insurance that requires that. I don't know, either way. The docs are now suggesting that he switches over to a pump and I am hearing that the Animas Ping and the Medtronic pump both require the use of the One Touch meter's. So my questions are 1) are these meters good ( he uses the accucheck compact plus now) 2) what supply companies do people use for pump stuff 3) does anyone else out there have the CSHC (children special health care) and know how to order pump supplies?

We've used the one-touch since the day Sarah was diagnosed. I've found them very easy to use, but I haven't tried anything else.

I use Ping and order all supplies through Animas.  The reorder process is so easy and they file the insurance for you.  The meter comes w/ the pump and can actually be used as a remote control for the pump.  You may like this since your child is young.  Imagine you are at a birthday party, he is having fun w/ friends and about to eat cake.  You could actually deliver the right amount of insulin from the meter remote w/out bothering him.  

 I'm not familiar w/ your insurance, but the supplies should be covered the same no matter who you choose.  If you are looking for good customer service, I've always been thrilled w/ Animas. 

so they have good customer service then? How many meters do you have? I have four from accucheck and didn't have to pay for one of them. One for school, home, travel bag, and in the car. I am wondering if One Touch will do the same for me...or is that rare for me to have that many meters?

On the Medtronic system you can use any meter.  The one touch is the device that communicates wirelessly with the pump.  It is the One Touch Ultralink, a special model made for Medtronics.  However the pump is set up to receive both the wireless signal from it or you can enter your own bg reading manually.  I'm guessing the Ping works the same way, but I am not familiar with it.  When I first got the Medtronic 512, six years ago they gave me a meter made by Johnson & Johnson.  It was wireless communications just like the One Touch is now.  I never got a prescription for that one because my insurance insisted I use another meter.  Later the insurance company decided I needed to use One Touch, they sent me a free meter and I still manually entered my numbers for years until Medtronics suddenly sent me the Ultralink meter unexpectedly.  I have been using it ever since and now my insurance company covers full costs on my test strips.  The only thing I get free, and I'm not complaining about that!  Oh, and I am always getting free offers from One Touch for free meters.  I think I have five or six.  I have never purchased a One Touch meter but I definitely have an abundance of them.  

i ues the one-touch i been uesing it since the day i  was diagnosed it is very easy to ues.

im not on a pump im still on the pen but i have used several meters bc ive switched doctors and theyve all given me different ones. the accucheck and the one touch ultra are two of the ones ive used the most and the one touch is deff my favorite its so easy my endo also told me it is one of the most accurate


CSHC does not cover the Omnipod pump, so you might want to take that into consideration.

They do cover the Ping and the Minimed, from what I was told,  however, my active, klutzy daughter did not want a "tubed" pump when we started pumping last year.

The best suggestion would be to call your local health department and speak with the CSHC coordinator there. The one at my health department is very helpful, and went WAY out of her way to help me get things straightened out between CSHC and my insurance.

Also, the pump trainer at your local endo clinic should be able to tell you what CSHC will pick up. I do know that they cover the One Touch supplies, as that is what Hannah was on before she started pumping.

Where about in Michigan are you? Feel free to message me with any questions, I have spent MANY MANY hours on the phone with CSHC in regards to supplies, etc, since my pharmacy has issues with the proper "coding" when putting through to CSHC and getting the scrips covered and paid for.

THanks Melanie! So funny that you live in St. husband is from there and in-laws still live there. Thanks for the tips on CSHC, I spent a lot of time when Gavin was first dx but have not really dealt with them much since then. I suppose it is time. Thanks for the tips!

Happy New Year! I hope this year's revolution will be perfect blood sugar numbers!!!! Hang in there everyone who has recently been diagnosed or will be this new year!!!

Happy New Year ! :)