Need ideas on how to help sites heal better

My son is 9 and is on an insulin pump. We change every 3 days...but his sites do not heal easily. I have tried soap and water, bacitracin/neosporin, air, hot and cold compress. He favors his tummy for his theres a ton of red infections, but of course he takes longer to heal then average. Ive tried Hydrogen Peroxide as well. This is over a year period. Ive even done nothing, let the body heal. Any ideas.

Side note: I do wait a week between trying something different, dont want to irritate the skin as well.





Minimed makes a prep pad you use PRIOR to putting the site in. Not sure if you use that or not, but if you don't, it's worth a try. I use to use that when I was younger because I have really sensative skin and I had the same problem.  It cleans the skin really good before hand and helped keep it nice and clean :)


We used those for about the 1st 4 or 5 months.....and honestly I do not remember if it was better. I will try that again and see how it goes. Thanks for sucha fast reply! Much appreciated  :)

diet can also play a role in healing.

protein, vit A, and omega-3s promote healing and skin health. if you don't think he's getting these nutrients through food, you can try nutritional supplements like boost or ensure (boost kids and pediasure for kids), or something similar. if he's open to trying new or different foods, you can introduce things like fish, flax seed or chia seed, soy protein, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes (there are others too, here are just a few). there are also nutritional drinks you can buy that are used specifically to promote healing - however, they are fairly pricey. if you are interested in looking into them, they are called Juven or Arginaid. they contain specific amino acids (glutamine + arginine) that help boost the body's healing process.

I would avoid the hydrogen peroxide unless there is an infection.  It can make scars worse and, although it makes wounds cleaner, it could cause the red marks to show up red for longer.

For me, if the red mark is really itchy or infected (if there's puss coming out of it, it's all swollen, looks like a giant zit, etc). then I'll apply a bit of neosporin.  The neosporin with numbing works well if the spot is itchy.  Otherwise, I just let them heal.

If it's just the appearance that bothers you, you could try to get him to put them in the top part of his butt - it's usually more fatty there.  I definitely know what it's like to have a favorite site, though!  I'd advise to let them air, like you said, and apply a little bacitracin.  You could try something like mederma scar treat or a vitamin E cream and see if that makes the dot go away faster.

From how you describe it, it sounds just like a small, quickly fading scar.  I have lots of those. Unless the skin is actually irritated, it's just part of the healing process.

One simple effort that seems to help my sites heal quicker is to put a "spot" bandaid over the whole with a little antibiotic. Use a double antibiotic jell if neosporin. Larger bandaids seem to not work as well for me. 

If I am having difficulty, because of where the site is placed, with it irritating the skin with the infusion (part that goes below the skin) it will start to get red before the three days pass because the infusion set is moving up and down in the hole. Same thing happens with CGM sensors. If this happens I start using mastisol as a prep on the skin. It's a natural and seems to not irritate the skin for me, and it setsup the skin so the infusion set will stick solid on the skin. 

Allergy medication may be needed if it looks like an allergic reaction, spring is hear and with everything else in the air, the site may be just enough to cause irritation that does not show up the rest of the year. 

Hope that helps.