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Hi guys!

My name is Marina. I am graphic designer and a student of San Francisco State University. I am working on the project to improve the experience with diabetic devices. Specifically the use of the devices in public places by young people like you.

I am also a Type 1 diabetic and know how frustrating it could be trying to check your blood on the bus or do an insulin shot when surrounded by people.

I would really appreciate you guys completing my survey at:

I am also looking for someone I could talk to and ask a few questions about their experience with the devices, maybe have a short conversation via skype. Preferably someone between 12 and 19 years old. You can reach me at :

Thank you! I am really looking forward talking to you!

Hi Marina,
My name is Tienna and I’m 13 years old. If you ever have questions that you need to be asked I think I can help you. I have only had diabetes for about a year and a half, but I’m really responsible and care about my sugars. Yes, checking your sugar is front of classmates can be weird, my diabetic nurse offered if I would like to check it in my math class, and I’m not sure how that going to go… Thanks for reading this letter!
Tienna Trettin

Hi Tienna! Thank you so much for your response! Where are you from? Do you think you could have a short conversation with me on Skype or Facebook ? I just want to ask you how you check your blood sugar in class. Are you trying to be discreet or open? Do your classmates know that you have diabetes? etc.
Your parents are welcome to join the conversation too.

Thank you a lot

  • Marina

Hey Marina,
It’s me Tienna again. I check my blood sugar in class because I want to not miss any class and take insulin 15 minutes before I eat. Yes, my classmates know that I have diabetes and most know what to do if I pass out, have high blood sugar, or even low. I would have to ask my mom and dad about the Skype, but I’m more then glad to keep responding to you by text.

Hi Tienna! Thank you for your response.

Would you mind describing the process of how you checking your sugar in class? For example, do you put it under the desk, or on top? Do you try to hide it so your classmates wouldn’t see it or you don’t mind and openly using your glucose meter?

Here is a couple more questions, if you could answer for me as well:

Do you use insulin pump, pen or syringes to do insulin injections? How do you feel about using them in school?

My last question: Imagine and describe the perfect device that would help you to manage your diabetes. (You can say whatever you want, for example, " My glucose meter would look very colorful and shiny" or “small and barely noticeable”) I just want to know what would make it more comfortable for you to deal with managing blood sugar outside of home.

Thank you Tienna! I’m looking forward to your answers :slight_smile:

Dear Marina,
When I check my sugars I go to the back table so I don’t disrupt the class… But it doesn’t bother me when kids watch. It’s not that I want them to watch, it’s that I really don’t care because of course I don’t want diabetes, but it is part of my life. I use a pen, and I think it makes my life really easy. I have heard about pumps and are thinking about using one in the future. I’m not a girly girl but I would love my case to have a background on it like basketball’s. (It’s my favorite sport) I would want my case to be the size it is now, and touch screen. :slight_smile:
I have some ?'s for you.

Do you feel uncomfortable telling people that you have diabetes?
What would your perfect meter be?
What do you have, pump,pen,or syringe?
Please answer only what your comfortable feeling.
Thanks Tienna