Need information of camps around the Kansas City Missouri Area


My son Cole age 12 (then) was diagnosed w-T1 late April 2008, all camps were closed and I really want to get him into a camp this year?  We are newbies and I need all the information on how, who to contact, where, when....  Anything you have I will appreciate. 


What are the best camps around us?


Thank you all so much


Diabetes Camps Nationwide - American Diabetes Association
The ADA has a good resource for finding a camp near you.  I've never been to one out of Illinois, so I can't really reccomend one.  But this should be a good start!

i know it's a bit of a ways from missouri, but id definitely recommend Camp Sweeney in Gainesville, TX.  i went there for 11 years and it changed my life more than I can even say.  Also, ive never been but texas lions camp is free and i hear it is amazing.  i dont know any camps closer than that, though...

Thank you for your help.