Need Participants for Online Diabetes Communities Research-$20 compensation

We are a group of researchers in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. We are currently recruiting participants for an interview study intending to gain a better understanding of how diabetes online communities are being used for health purposes. In the interviews, we are expected to gain your experience about how you use this diabetes group, how you interact with peers on the group, and your overall experience with it. No personal information such as your health condition will be asked in the interview.

If you are an active user of any online diabetes communities, please contact us at We will compensate your time with a   $20 Amazon gift card. The study has been approved by the IRB at UT-Austin and the IRB number is 2011-12-0036

If you get diabetes info or support online, then sign up for this study.  It takes less than an hour to be interviewed.

They are trying to learn how people with type 1 diabetes use online diabetes resources and what can be done to make the info more accessible.

Plus you get a $20 Amazon gift card for participating.

Thanks,Jenna! We do need more participants~

If anyone is interested in our study, please feel free to write email to me directly:

Hello I have a child with T1d please call me 415–513-9502 I can help