Need some advice or help! I am 21 year old female and have had type one since I was 12, and I have been on the insulin pump for about 5 years. I had really great blood sugar control up until I went to highschool when I was 16-17. From 17-19 I acted dumb and played with my blood sugars to lose weight and it ended up hurting my sugars and hurting my body...


Its taken me 2 years to finally get my A1c's at a much better range then they previously were...I went from a 12 to an 8. Needless to say...I also went from 140 lbs to 190lbs in two years because my sugars were better and my eating habits (not amazing but not terrible) never changed...needless to say...I have no idea how to- lose weight, with keeping great sugars, and go back to my 140lb body.... It is extremely frustrating and beyond annoying. I work two jobs as an EMT and also full time college student- with student teaching involved-- so I eat at the most random times!!


any advice/ tips!?!?

Hi Cassandra..  I to was diagnosed at the age of 13 and I was 98lbs.  Now I'm 34 and I go up and down between 150-170.  I freak when I get near 170.  I also am now on the pump.  I think the pump helps me not eat as many carbs cause now I can read on this thing how much insulin I need to give myself to cover the cabs I eat so subconsciously I want my bolus' low so I back away from the carbs as much as I can.  I do love my Ice Cream :)!!  That is my weakness.  I would say just be cautious of the carbs and keep up w/ what your doing regarding exercise.

Battygirl13 (Beth)

Honestly, as long as you are healthy and you're not in the overweight level for your height..I wouldn't worry about it now. Excerise as much as you can to keep healthy and in shape, but losing weight isn't easy especially for diabetics. I've been trying since June, pay for a trainer, all of that jazz..and I've lost about...4pounds. But what happened is that fat I had before, is now muscle and my body is now toned.

Living a hetic life isn't going to help either. While I'm not working two jobs and attending school full time life is far from regular everyday..this is gonna completely effect how you are able to tone your muscle(which is what you should do rather than try to lose weight really).

weight on the scale is just a number. what's important is being healthy and in shape, not how much the scale says you weigh. there isn't a way to avoid weight gain while on insulin, you just gotta make sure you're doing enough excerise to keep healthy and stop worrying about numbers.

Thanks for the advice. I keep complaining to my parents and boyfriend that I am just gaining weight and every week the number seems to go up- no matter how nice i eat, or how many days I spend in the just never seems to move down....butttt my boyfriend keeps reminding me that my A1c's are down and I am technically- healthier then a couple years ago, when I was playing with my insulin to lose weight....


I know its just a number...just beyond frustrating.

haha i totally understand. my mom says the same thing to me when i complain about my stomach not being flat like i want it(up until two weeks ago, i was always using my stomach for shots, now i use my arms and thighs)..that i'm healthier, in great shape, my levels are better and that's what matters.

i've always wanted to lose weight(i was diganosed at age 6 and have always struggled with my weight), and have always been frusterated with the gain because of insulin. my trainer and the trainer i see every 3months for my assement always remind me that it's not the number you need to worry about, but the BMI, the lean fat, the inches and your general health you should focus on. it's lame, cuz it doesnt make you feel any better about the number, but i've stopped stepping on the scale except when at the doctors or an assement, to avoid thinking about it myself. it's made it quite a bit easier.

just try to put it in the back of your mind, stop stepping on the scale(if you are now) as often and focus more on keeping your fitness level high :) you may not end up losing a lot of weight, but you'll notice the fat turning into muscle slimming you down(or at least i have!) as it tones! the less you think about the number, the better you'll feel!!