Need some advice please!

Hello everyone,

Im currently 14 weeks pregnant and so far things are going well! Except the last two days i have noticed what cld be insulin resistance?? I ate a sandwich last nite for supper, like i have many times before, counted my carbs exactly but my two hr post was 289!! EEKKK:( Since i have been preg i have never had that high of a glucose. So i corrected  even having to overide my pump b/c my pump said i still had active insulin. Then one hour later it only dropped to 198. Again, i corrected. This seemed to cont overnite as well.  I am also noticing highs this am. My morning BS was 165! i corrected, did not eat yet and one hr later it only dropped to 155. I made an egg white omlet and ate a light yogurt and an hr later it was up to 187. Im frustrated b.c my sugras have been great until these last two days. im counting carbs correctly and giving myself the right amt of isulin but still high????? I will def be sending my bs readings to my endo tom am. Obviously i need to make some changes in my basal rates. But i guess i didnt expect insulin resistance to be this early!! Any advice???/

Change your infusion set/site and contact your endo. At 14 weeks, insulin resistance is still somewhat unlikely. However, infusion site problems are not uncommon.

I did change my set thinking that was it but the highs seemed to cont throughout the nite! I too also thought that that i am too early for any kind of resistance. But who knows. This afternoon my sugars seem to be normal again!! IDK?