Need some advice...Really bad

Hello everyone I need a little pick me up, I'm doing bad dealing with diabetes recently. As you all probably saw on my other post, I have a huge fear of low sugars. Therefore I am forced to keep my sugars high enough to not have panic attacks when it starts to drop. My sugars have been high for a long time now and I am getting used to bringing them down but I have been having problems doing so. About a month ago some complications finally made me realize what I was doing to myself by not EVER seeing a BS number in range and now I am completely committed to getting my sugar under control. I am ready for improvement, and to get over my fears of lows. But the problem is that I don't know enough about diabetes to trust that it is normal to experience certain things only because I am regulating my body. For example, I know that because my sugar ranges from 300-450, when I do get it down to 100-200 I will feel like my sugar is low and not to treat until it is below 70. Does anyone know any other changes I will be experiencing on the road to getting my sugars back in range? Does anyone have any stories like this one that would motivate me a little more to get my sugars down? Advice/help/experience/talk would be very much appreciated! All these posts about high sugars are making me very nervous and its starting to take its toll on me. I'm stuck between fears of lows and complications of highs.