Need some support

Hi I was recently diagnosed in January. My name is Phebe and I’m 16. If there is any other T1D teens out there, I would love to just chat. I haven’t met any T1D yet. I would love to have a diabetic friend around my age that I could talk to on a daily basis.:blush:

Hey Phebe! Welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m 17 and have been a diabetic since I was 9. It’s great that you are looking for support from fellow comrades this early, I didn’t till a recently. I am still new here but it is an extremely encouraging place.

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Thank you! I just found this group today, and I’m so glad I did!!! Its so nice to talk to other type 1 diabetes that understand each other! I’m tired of people telling me I that I can’t eat sugar, and that if I eat this and that, that i wont have to take insulin! Oh! And the million questions, “does that hurt”. Love this group!!!:heart::blush: