Needing G5 sensors

Hi everyone Im in need of G5 sensors for my child’s CGM so if there’s anyone that has upgraded recently to the G6 and happens to have any G5 sensors left over (expired is ok) that will not be used please reach out to me because I REALLY REALLY NEED them
For my son and I’m having a hard time finding them . He is type 1 and has had seizures at night prior to having the CGM plus I’ve got 2 G5 transmitters one he is using and one on back up that I paid a lot for so I was really hoping to be able to use those up before being forced to upgrade him to the G6.
So I’m starting to panic now that I’m down to 1 sensor and still can’t find any . The places I use to buy them haven’t had any in a few weeks now which I know they are no longer being made either . Any way if you can help please reach out I can definitely reimburse you for shipping and I can verify that my son is currently using the G5 CGM . Thank you for your time it’s very much appreciated!

Hi @martcl711 . I understand you have a couple of transmitters you don’t want to go to waste but I would be wary about using expired devices, particularly of this type. That said, I do occasionally see some on Amazon or eBay although they’re not supposed to be bought our sold there. I hate to say it but it may be time to swallow your losses and upgrade. Also, I’ve heard (famous last words) that Dexcom’s G7 will be coming out sometime this year. Admittedly the articles I’ve seen are not from Dexcom but it sounds like it’s in the works and we should keep our eyes and ears open for an announcement from the Company.
An option - which I use as a backup - is the Freestyle Libre2. You have to swipe the receiver over the sensor to see your latest reading and graph - it has alerts that will sound even if you don’t swipe (the original Libre did not), so long as the sensor and receiver are within 20(?) feet of one another. It’s less expensive than Dexcom but does not have the BIQ/CIQ loop features.

The lack of available sensors is understandable since Dexcom is not supporting the device. The following is from Dexcom :

  • By the end of 2020, Dexcom will stop selling G4 PLATINUM and G5 Mobile CGM sensors.

  • ******On June 30 of 2020, the Dexcom Share 2 app will stop working. After this date, Dexcom followers for people using the G4 sensor will stop receiving blood sugar readings.

  • ******After December 31 of 2020, you cannot download the Dexcom Studio app, and Dexcom will stop supporting the app.

***** If you download it prior to this date, you can still use the app to view your data. The software will continue to work, but troubleshooting, technical support, and updates will no longer be provided.

I get that you are trying to use up your available transmitter but the lack of available sensors is inevitable and a plan has to be made. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

PS - the G5s I’ve seen online are from a couple of years ago - 2018/19. Even if I were willing to take a shot with expired ones (which I’m not) I would want them to be from very late 2020 and not before.
Do you have insurance, or are you paying out of pocket? If you have insurance in all likelihood they will cover the newer they did the G5. I advise speaking with your doctor right away so they can put in a prescription for you.

Have you tried upgrading your G5 to G6 I recall all that was needed was a software install from Dexcom and you can upgrade your CGM receiver. Sorry I just checked non left over but good luck.

Sorry I double checked I have 2, please contact me at, my name is Patrick.

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