Needing support now more than ever

Hi everyone,

So, I haven't been on as of late because of some grave news my family and I just found out.  I know it's near the holidays and I hate to bring sad news in such a joyous time.  But, please, if you have any positive thoughts and/or prayers to spare for a stranger, I ask if you could share and send them for my dad. 

I've always mentioned on here how he's been there for me through everything, especially for my diabetes.  Ironically, even though my pancreas does not work properly, my dad recently has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so not only is his not working properly, but it is spreading a more deadly disease throughout him.  Now is the time for me to be there for him, but every positive vibe counts.  My family and I are hoping and praying for a miracle.  I love my dad so much and can't imagine my young life without him.  He's going to be 62 on Thursday and so he is still fairly young himself. 

Thank you and I wish everyone Happy Holidays.  May the new year bring better tidings for everyone.

Air hugs for you and your dad, ScrappyDy. I hope his condition improves.

I will pray for your dad and your family.......

All my positive and prayers for your Dad!!!!!!!!!

Sending happy, positive thoughts your way!

Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. I know how special  dads can be. Mine passed away 6 years ago.

Keep positive, and hope for the best. My mom survived thyroid cancer, I know how hard it is to see a parent deal with it, but there's not much you can do but be there for support. My sincerest regards to your father and family.

Also, is your father slated for chemo, radiation or surgery yet?

i'll be thinking about you and your family, keeping you in my prayers, and sending warm fuzzies your direction.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad.  I will put him on our church prayer chain.

Best Wishes,


Prayer and a positive attitude will never fail. =]

Your dad and family will be in my prayers for sure!

You and your dad will be in our prayers. Positive thinking produces positive results


I will pray for your dad and your family. This is the season for miracles! I hope that your family will get one! Major positive vibes coming your way from over here in NY.


I'm praying for you and your family as I type. I'll keep on praying and sending positive thoughts your way. (=

Thank you dearly, everyone!  My family and I truly appreciate all the well wishes, positive thoughts, and prayers.  I believe it helps.  Today I talked to my dad on the phone and he sounded stronger.  He was even able to hold my 1 yr. old niece on his lap and read her a story.  Tomorrow he's going in for another surgery.  That is the one I'm nervous about.  So, we are still hoping for a miracle.  Thank you again! 

Good news today...The cancer has not spread to my dad's lymph nodes yet.  They will be removing his pancreas and spleen.  My dad joked with me saying, "Now there will be 2 of us in the family with T1!"  As much as I felt like crying, I still had to giggle at this observation.  My dad was very happy to hear me excited about us getting the same insulin pump.  I'm going to introduce him to the OmniPod and Solo demo kits I've received, so we can decide together.  Praying that his body will be completely rid of this cancer after the removal surgery and that they can safely do it before it further spreads.

Thanks again, everyone!  Love you all!  XOXOXO

Sending well wishes your way.  Your dad and your family are in my prayers.

Nothing wrong with being a pump buddy. That is why they often come in different colors.

Tell your Dad lots of people are thinking and praying for him. 

All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Your Father and you family will definitely be in my prayers this holiday season. My Grandma passed away from pancreatic cancer just days after Christmas when I was 7, and it was only 5 months before I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I can definitely relate and my heart goes out to you. I hope you guys can be strong for eachother and have a wonderful holiday regardless of your tough times.

- Amanda

ur dad and definiteley have hopes and all our prayers from toronto.... we will be wishing all the best for your father..

stay strong, if ur happy then ur father is happy; so put a smile on =) and make his day...

lots of wishes