Needle trouble

OK, so I’m relatively new to the Diabetes game (diagnosed 1-29-15)
Sometimes (a few times a week) I try to inject myself and I struggle pushing down on either types of my insulin pens. I just pull the pen out get a new needle and that seems to work. Does anyone know what causes this? I always use a new needle on my pens in case someone is wondering that.

Well first of all: Welcome to the T1D club!!! So, it’s been a while since I’ve taken injections (I’m currently on an insulin pump) but I took injections for 14 years before moving to the pump. Could it possibly be a reflex of not wanting to take the injection (I’ve had diabetes for 29 years and I still sometimes have a bit of a hesitation and have to take a deep breath before doing a site change for my pump or testing my bg (not too often, but every once in a while)).
Or, how often are you rotating injection sites? Are you injecting in the same general area, not rotating can callous the skin and eventually lead to something called lipohypertrophy which is hardened/extra fat layer from injections, but it usually takes a bit of time for that to happen. There’s also scar tissue underneath the skin that can build up, all of these affect insulin absorption and would probably make it hard to push a needle through. But you’re very new to this, so these aren’t very likely unless you’ve been doing the same spot for the entire time.
Or perhaps it’s a manufacturing problem with the type of needle you use? Give you’re doctor/diabetes educator a call and see if they’ve heard of any recalls or problems of the brand you use. I did notice when I used the pen that the needles tended to be thinner and a little flimsy compared to typical syringes.
Isn’t this fun? It’s like we’re detectives hunting for a culprit!
Anyways, good luck in your search!

im not saying that you’re the same as me but i used to have ‘mind blocks’ i guess you could say where i literally could not press the pen down when delivering my night time Lantus. I would get so anxious and nervous about it and i couldn’t press the pen button down! I used to just take a few breaths and think “imagine how crap im going to feel if i dont take this” count to three and then do it. You just have to try stay calm and do it in your own time.

I have also had the problem of not having the insulin pen deliver my insulin and have to remove and replace my pen needle with a new one. I have been wondering if it has to do with the insulin pen or the needle. I have been diabetic since 1989 so i know it is not being afraid of delivering the insulin. hope it gets better for you.

If were me I would ditch the “pen” and switch over to U-100 syringes. there a lot less expensive and you can have a better control of the dosage. I’ve been using them for a long time. With the new type of needles that using today they don’t really hurt at all. The needle itself has a very small diameter. And since I use two types of insulin(Huamolog and Latus) I keep them in separate Ziplock bags with their insulin bottles. In the refrigerator.( I’ve got a shelf on the door)

Since I don’t share my needles with anyone. I use them more than once. When they start to get a little dull than I toss them. Last year I used a little over one box of thousand cc syringes and since I give myself up to five shots a day it’s a pretty good deal.