Needles Vs

I had a general question. I believe the answer is likely quite obvious but I wanted to get a feel for how everyone truly felt instead of relying on my intuition. So the question is this: All things being equal (safety, efficacy, pharmakinetics, best-in-class insulin, etc..), would you prefer to continue using needles (including the pens) or an inhale-able form of insulin delivery. Remember, all things are equal in terms of safety and quality of insulin; its purely a question of pain/convenience/preference.


Thanks in advance for you answers/insight.

The idea of inhaled is great, but in reality it is difficult to get the doing correct.  

Just FYI, the company that developed the Minimed pump you are using, is also about to launch an inhaled insulin called AFREZZA.......

I would have problems with dosing issues. I preferred my pump.

May I ask if you are T1 or T2? If T2, was the dosing issue the primary reason for choosing the pump?

Thanks in Advance.

I am T1 and very insulin sensitive. Sometimes I would only need to take a fraction of a unit (0.7 units for my morning toast and pb). All totaled, including between 100 and 120g of carb per day, I would only take about 20 units combines. I know that the smallest dose of the inhaled (when I saw it) was about 2 or 3 units. Far, far too much for me.

I really appreciate you sharing your situation. I believe the units are in 5's, so obviously that would be to strong for you. All the best and thanks again.

Inhaled insulins have been around for a while and people with diabetes have tested them.  But there is a reason they didn't take off... dosing.  The inhaled insulins aren't as accurate as a pump and can't be dosed in the small units of a pump.

Maybe for a type 2 or anyone with active islet cells it would be okay.  

All things being equal I'd go for inhaled over my syringes which I have chosen over a pump.  

I guess if we are looking hypothetically saying I could get the same control with inhalable insulin it would definitely be something I would try. I don’t really mind my pump but after so many years of shots/infusion sets it would be nice to give my body a break and maybe get rid of some of the scar tissue/mounding…I try to rotate but I’m not always so good at it haha.

Anyone thought of the taste tho?? I mean if it’s super nasty tasting that’d be a reason to stick with needles, lol.

The thought of an inhalable insulin is great. But the dosing would be the hardest part. But if it meant no needles I say its worth a try.