Needs pointers on how i can get my sugars 140 or below after an hour after meals!

This is my biggest problem! 2 hours after i eat im fine!! but sense being on the pump ive been trying to explain that if they want me to eat as much as they want me to..a pump brakes down little by little...Right??...not all is delivered all at once..i believe thats right...ive only had the Pump for a little over a month..And im 10 weeks as of the 21st! i feel very comfortable with everything else! im getting used to feeling backed up and bloated and growing pains!! im keeping my fingers crossed!! its just so hard to get them below 140 an hour after i eat.. i would love feed back! Thank you!

MeGLuvBug91,   I had somewhat the same problem you did.  I was not on a pump though.  I was on a 1900 calorie diet, eating every two hours.  I found out that it was just too much food for me.  After talking with my doctor, he told me that if I was really not hungry that I did not have to eat ever two hours.   By changing the diet slightly, I could get my blood sugars where they should be.  Just make sure to talk to your doctor.  Mine was a lifesaver the whole way.  I delivered my baby on 9/27/11 safe and sound!!

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and have been on a pump for 5 years now. I was told at my last doctors visit to take the insulin a little before I eat and those high blood sugars an hour after eating should be lower.

On a pump a Bolus is given all in one dose, unless you set it to a combo bolus so that you get a some right away, and the rest over the span of an hour or whatever you set it to. (If I remember right the minimed pump has dual square wave and square wave features so you could ask your CDE about that, I never used them) You have a basal rate that you're always getting, that if you're going to eat at the same time every day you might be able to adjust to help keep your after meal sugars lower, we used to have it set up like that when I was in middle and high school. . . it doesn't work so well with my crazy college schedule. I've also been told to take insulin about 15 minutes before I eat, especially if it is going to something sweet like cake and/or or high in carbs like pasta or bagels. Good Luck =)