Nephew in Reno NV, just diagnosed & in hospital: what can I send him?

Hi there - my 16-year-old nephew just got a surprise T1D diagnosis yesterday. I am miles away (Michigan), and would like to send him something as he’ll be in the hospital a few days as they try to regulate things and get him started. Is there anything I might be able to send him that YOU may have wished you or your child received at this time? Also, is there anyone in Reno that might be able or willing to connect with him when he’s ready for support and coaching? It doesn’t seem there’s an active group in Reno, everything seems like it’s focused in Vegas or in CA.

Thanks and best, Aunt Elizabeth

Hi Auntie Elizabeth @longhaulpro, there are a few things that your nephew might like to help pass the long nights.
I received my diagnosis on my 16 birthday 62 years ago - although I had been denying for months that I was feeling lousy. Of the gifts I was given for my two week stay while regulating my “blood sugar” as it was called in those days were some good paperback books - books that would take my mind off everything medical.
In those days, a single blood glucose test took days rather than the current 5 seconds so it took forever to know when insulin doses were correct. I suppose, knowing my grandkids that instead of books, phone apps or computer games might interest him. Stay away from medical advice stuff - he will hear plenty of that.

Get him a 16 year old Candy Stripper. That’ll take his mind off of diabetes. (J/K)

being stuck in a hospital bed kinda limits your options. Id say a book on money origami and a bunch of crisp one dollar bills.