sometimes when im nervous about something my body attempts to make me not able to do ruins me mentally.

for example, if there's a big test that if i do poorly on im screwed my body will start to make up symptoms to get out of it subconsciously, like stomach ache or sidepains or a throbbing head.

its really bad, i wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions to help me out of this uncomfortable dilemma?

this wont help you with tests but....

yesterday when i had my toe surgery or whatever it was, i breathed really loud to distract myself. i didnt have anything else to distract me so...

usualy for things im nervous about i lie to myself. i tell myself that what i think is going to happen(or what im told) isnt true and that it is a good, pleasant thing. but my imagination still seems to go a bit wild.

ill try this, thanks Courtenay :)

you have to be reeeeaaaallllyyyy good at lieing to yourself for it to work completly.

try learning to meditate. not the whole sitting cross legged chanting oomm. just imagine yourself in a happy place and relax. I'm sure if you google it you will find lots of suggestions. i always picture a sunny day with my kids outside playing. works to take the edge off.

of course studying might help with that test anxiety. :D

oh, and any advice i give about tests, be VERY careful if following it. because i rarely study but still get As!

I guess it goes without saying that prevention is better than reaction, so being prepared is probably your best option.  You can try talking with your student counseling center, they have good tips or if necessary they can decide if you might benefit from anti-anxiety medication.  One thing I have found is that getting angry at myself for trying to get out of something can help.  Summoning up the determination to overcome writing a paper, convincing myself there is no way out of an assignment, things like that can be enough to talk myself down.

Hello...I used to feel overwhelmed when I would get up to play violin or viola in front of a large audience of a lot of people, but what I realized is that while the nervousness (and by that, I mean the whole I-feel-as-though-I-am-standing-in-front-of-a-firing-squad feeling) can be overwhelming, it's just a chemical response to a threat...and it doesn't actually affect what I'm doing so much as how I'm feeling. The headaches sound awful. I am really terrified of roller coasters...I rode this one that takes you up to a great height and then drops you. The feeling that I get in performance situations is exactly the same.

I don't know if you have felt like what you were going through would affect your performance, but I know in my situation, I was terrified that it would, but it didn't. I do feel like my blood sugar is low sometimes when taking tests but the worst is that sometimes when I am stressed, my blood sugar spikes. I take plenty of fluids with me. The fluids might help with the headache...

The only other thing that I can say, and again, I'm basing this response only on what I go that I just have to do whatever it is anyway. I look at the outcomes...worst case scenario...I fail the test. Can I take it again? I generally do not put on the brakes, though. Every time that you do something that you feel overwhelmed about and push through (not taxing health, etc.), you're sending yourself a message that you can do it. I know it's corny, but you are your own best messenger.

I usually go low when I stress a lot. I ony ever stress that much at Hospitality Studies restuarant evenings. (And I always go low!) I stress A LOT at these evenings couse I'm the only kid in class who hasnt had hospitality studies since grade 10 (I started in grade 11) and the teacher sometimes starts screaming at you for doing things wrong, she ecpects you to know how everything works... (which I dont!) My Basal is set in correctly, and I lower it to10%, since I start working at 4pm and we usually finish at 11:30pm and I'm active all the time while preparing the food. I eat my main meal at 2pm and only bolus half of the amount I should.  At 4 my BG is usually at about 194 and I snack all the time on cereal bars, yoghurt, fruit, energy drinks and sandwiches while I'm working (without bolussing), but I still go low! And I cant go low! I'm usually the main chef or the chef in charge of a certain course and we have to make food for more than 50 people, so if I go low and it flops its kinda big! Still have not found a better way to keep from going low and I almost never stress except at these evenings. (Oh yeah, the restaurant evenings all count for marks!)

quick update...not only was i nervous for that first day of work i ate something that made my stomach upset and caused food poisoning and sooo that made things worse.  My brain is too powerful to overcome its mental power by substituting another reality (pretending there's no stress).

I also went low a lot from all the activity that was fun lol  but when im really stressed out like to the max ill go high really easily, that didnt happen so it wasnt a horrible stressful day.

Thanks for your suggestions :)

I hate those "I can't go low...and I always get low..." moments. Bleagch.

I get stressed out and nervous really easily too.  I usually just have to distract myself.  Before big tests at the University my friend and I go into this mock rainforest the U of A has in the Agriculture building and play with the birds.  There are a couple friendly ones that will sit on your fingers.  It's like a steam room in there too it's super relaxing.  If I am at home and heading somewhere I usually just blast music in my room and dance and sing.  And in my car just sing.  It seems to help.  Plan to do something right after whatever is making you nervous.  Then you can distract yourself by thinking about what you are doing after instead.  I know it's hard because your mind naturally wants to wander back to whatever is making you nervous, but I find even a little bit of distraction helps:)