Nervous about a high

After posting last week about being so nervous during this pregnancy, my sugar shot up to 313 two nights ago.  That's my highest sugar by far, and I was definitely freaking out.  I was 99 at 11pm and then woke up at 313 at 2:45am.  Typically, I wake up low around 2am, so this was odd for me.  Unfortunately, I didn't hear my CGM beeping (set to go off if I get above 130) because it had fallen on the floor.  I'm not sure what happened, but I'm thinking that maybe my bedtime insulin dose wasn't absorbed properly or something.  It's so upsetting because I'm really trying to do my best and sometimes it's not good enough.  Did anyone else get up to 300?  Should I call my OB?  Could there be damage from that high sugar?  My endo said to try not to worry since I was only high for a few hours, but easier said than done!  I'm 18 weeks as of yesterday.



I think if your doctor was worried you should be, but he wasn't. I know it is so hard not to worry but, you sometimes can't control what happens. As long as you weren't high for a long period of time like your doc said. It happened to me during the last trimester. They told me the biggest complication at that time of my pregnancy was a bigger baby. It proved to be true and my a1c's were in the 6's the entire time. My motto during pregnancy was correct and move on... You just have to ...

I had a couple 300s when pregnant.  They were rare and short-lived and my son was born healthy, with a normal blood sugar.

You can't do anything to fix what's already happened, but evaluate if there is a pattern that you can correct.  

Did you have a lower than expected blood sugar before bed?  I had a problem in the later months of pregnancy with delayed stomach emptying.  It was easily corrected by avoiding high carb and high fat meals at dinner.  

And obviously check your pump and change out our infusion site if you have an unexpected high.  

For the next couple nights you may set your alarm for 1am to see if there's a pattern or if it was a fluke.

I reached the 300s a few times during my pregnancy and our baby boy was born perfectly healthy and happy. He was a little big at 8 lb 14oz, but nothing too ridiculous. In fact I can think of one time when I ate Chinese food and drastically underestimated my carbs and was over 300 for several hours, nothing I did seemed to work to bring me back down.

During my pregnancy, I was turning in weekly blood sugars to my endo, my OB, and a high-risk OB/endo. There was an especially bad week I had where there were about 3 days when I was over 200 post-meal. The high-risk OB said she wasn't worried about them because there was no pattern and didn't want to make any changes until she saw one. She told me that the flukes aren't what they're worried about, just habitual highs or lows.

Starting in the second trimester, but ESPECIALLY in the third, my overnight blood sugars ran high (by high, I mean pregnancy high like 150-170). I would have 2 or 3 days of perfect overnight and morning readings and then one day wake up at 145. I was constantly increasing my overnight basal toward the end. I believe my afternoon basal was something like 0.75 but my overnight basal by the end by was around 2.65. Something about the nighttime was just more difficult, and as I understand it, that is a common thing.

I know it's been 2 weeks since you posted this and you've probably moved on, but try not to worry! If your doc told you not to worry about it, I would definitely feel even better about it!

We all have highs during pregnancy! If you stay in that range, I think that is when the problems can arise. With continual checking, eating and exercise and bolusing right away, it shouldn't be an issue for most women. Pregnancy can really be stressful which can also cause havok on our blood sugars as well. Staying calm when things happen can definitely help!