Nervous to get pregnant:{

Hello ladies! I am a diabetic type 1 and use an insulin pump. I want to conceive but am scared as well as my husband! I have been reading some of the posts and i am releived to see that many of you have had successful, healthy pregnancies and babies:) What are some of the most important things i can do before and during my pregnancy to have a healthy one? my sugars have been good lately and im due for more labs on monday and my a1c should be at or under 6.5. Is that still too high ? My past years of a diabetic werent the best so im really hoping that those past years of not doing so well won't affect my trying to have a baby?


I am in the same boat! Except my A1C was last at an 8.7, which is a HUGE improvement for me. I have read all the posts and they cheer me up and give me hope and then they freak me out and wonder if having a baby is the right decision. I am terrified that my past years of not taking care of myself will affect my pregnancy, baby, or me.

Are you trying right now? I'm worried that it will take me a while to get pregnant. We plan on trying in Sept-Nov range.


Hi Brittany! I am type 1, 33 yrs old, currently 20 wks pregnant, using an insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitor). My A1C was about 7 before I was pregnant, but is now down to 5.5%. My first recommendation would be to try and get a CGM. I got mine as soon as I was pregnant (needed that diagnosis to qualify for CGM with my insurance), and I believe that is a big reason I have gotten my A1C so quickly. Of course, knowing that I am responsible for another life is also good motivation to be more disciplined about my nutrition and staying on top of my blood sugar levels. So far my pregnancy is smooth sailing, and all of my doctors have assured me that I am doing wonderful and am very likely to have a normal pregnancy and delivery. I think it is absolutely possible to have a healthy pregnancy as a diabetic. However, to keep it realistic I should also mention that I do have bad days and bad sugars, which can be frustrating. But, overall, I feel confident that I can do this successfully.

Good luck!

I agree with everything Theresa says...I am almost 15 weeks pregnant and have had smooth sailing as well.  I also have a CGM and it is the most wonderful thing!!! 


Thank you for your comment!! I am going to look into that CGM i feel that may be the added thing i need to truly help stableize blood sugar readings. I mean i already test 6-7times a day!! And my fingers hurt!!! LOL!!. My a1c on monday was 7.4. Its not what i was hoping for but i feel my sugars have improved greatly in last 30 days! So hopefully in june my a1c will be a lot lower!!! Thanks again, for all of your guys support it has really put to rest a lot of my fears about having a baby, you hear of DM1 patients having healthy pregnancies, and babies but it's really nice to talk to "real" DM1 patients that have been down this path:)


 I just went off my BCP last week, so we havent "officially" been trying per say. But we will be here shortly:) I hear you about your fears, my last a1c was not good at 8. It has improved to 7.4  on monday but i was hoping for a lower number. Our fears are very similar because i too have had a roller coster of blood sugars and a1c's in my earlier years as being a diabetic. Im afraid that my teenage years may come back to haunt me now that i am really trying to better my health. I have been on the BCP for about 8 years so who knows, it may take us a while to conceive:( I hope not tho. Im really looking into that CGM i think that would really be the key to keeping our blood sugars in check, which in return gives us a great a1c. Do u currently wear the pump?