Okay, so this isn't really about diabetes but I still wanted to bring it up...

I am registering for school and turning in my housing application this week and I feel myself getting very overwhelmed. I am normally a very sociable person but the idea of meeting entirely new people is starting to really scare me. I feel my self consciouness creeping up on me and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make this transition easier. I don't want to be antisocial with no friends!! Thanks for any advice :)

Hi Abigail,

I think the most important thing to remember is that everybody else is in exactly the same situation you are! Everyone is going away from home and not knowing anyone, so it is normal to be nervous or anxious, but just remember that everyone else is feeling this way too! all you have to do is be yourself and don't be afraid to talk to new people. if you are normally a very social person than I think once you get there and realize its not as scary as you thought it would be, then you will be ok and be able to socialize. I'm not a very social fact I'm kinda of awkward/shy around people I don't know...but I made lots of awesome new friends when I got to college. so just take a deep breath and have fun!!



Thanks for the advice! I am trying to remember that I am loud and outspoken and I don't want to lose it when I am away from all of my friends from high school. My college is so small and only two people from my graduating class of 757 is going there. Hopefully once I get all settled in, I won't be as nervous! :)

My college is pretty small too, only about 2000 people all together..which is about the same size as my high school. I love going to a small school because you get to know most of your classmates and the classes are smaller so you can get more help from the professors. Only one person from my high school goes there but I don't even talk to him haha. As far as diabetes and college goes, most people recommend signing up for the disability thing so you should look into can help you if you get sick from d (high bs) and have to miss a test or something. Also I recommend telling your professors within the first two weeks of class so they know and will allow you to check your bs or eat during class. where are you going anyways?

I am going to Grand Canyon University. It is a Christian college in downtown Phoenix. The area is terrible, but the school is beautiful :) Where do you go?

I have already been to two colleges and I will be going to my third this fall. I started out at a very small performing arts college in Pittsburgh, PA. I am not into the performing arts at all but was going to the school for their awesome journalism program so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't find friends with the same interests also. When I got there I realized that I didn't know anyone so I would have to just put myself out there and be outgoing. I made a lot of close friends but decided that the school wasn't for me. I didn't know where else I wanted to go and didn't have much time so for spring semester I went to a local community college. I was working a lot and taking over 20 credits so I never really had time/tried to make friends, and therefore didn't. If you want to make friends, just talk to people living on your floor at college, and in your classes. They are in the same situation so no one will think you are a loser or desperate because everyone is in the same situation. I bet you will have no trouble at all making friends. My one problem was that I have never met another diabetic, like me, away at school. And I wouldn't even know how to go about that.

Hey I'm so sorry I just realized that I never responded to you! I go to Delaware Valley College in PA. Its a really pretty campus with old buildings that were build late 1800s-early 1900s. I like it a lot! I'm about to start my senior year and I'm nervous for it make sure you enjoy every year you have there!! =)

so im guessing you made it through the first 2 months. how is it. i go to kean university in nj. what schools do you guys go to