Neuropathy and Alpha Lipoic Acid

I would like to know what results others have had using Alpha Lipoic Acid to treat neuropathy. IT has been used in Europe since teh 50's and Mayo did a study in 2004 that showed it did implove patients perception of both pain and sensitivity.

I started on this about 4 years ago and have gaind significant sensitivity back in my feet, both to touch and to heat. What brought this to mind today is that I stuck my foot in my shoe this morning and felt the cats had dislodged the iliner near the toe. The same cats had put a sharp cap from a hair product in the toe of a shoe a few years back, and I never felt or noticed it untilI removed the shoe and found my toe torn and bleeding!

I take 300 mg of ALA daily. I started on 600 mg/d, but after 2 years my skin was so sensitive allover, I had to reduce the dose.

If anyone else has experience (positive or negative) with this treatment, please add your comments.