Neuropathy anyone?

So- Jon's has some developing neuropathy...he also has been diagnosed with dupatrins contracture (no idea how to spell that...) which is shortening, tightening and hardening of the tendons in hands and feet...yuck...not supposed to be we think the extreme pain must be neuropathy...

has anyone tried alternative treatments?  nutritian supliments etc...??  he has some kidney damage so he really can't do a lot of drugs...not good for the kidneys...let me know.

I've been reading about cutting back on red meat, sugar (duh), and junk food all around - wondering if fake sweetners fit there..?  and about increasing omega threes...


Hi Laurel -  I don't think I've developed neuropathy yet, however,  I've been running into issues with all my joints - shoulders, knees and hips mainly.  I've been in physical therapy for 4 of the past 5 years.  It's been frustrating trying to figure out what is going on.  It appears now that I'm getting a 'thickening of the joint capsules' which when looking it up is usually related to neuropathy.   I have woken up in the past few months shivering like i'm being frozen to death.  Then the pain hits and I realize that my hip has subluxed a bit and I have to pop it back in.  It sucks not only because of the pain but b/c biking has become my exercise of choice.  They are now sending me to some rheumetoid doc that works mainly with diabetics.  Evidently he is working with other more natural type of suppliments and injections rather than steroids that won't effect blood sugar levels. 

I really don't know if this will be similar to Jon's issues or not but I will see the doc in a couple weeks.  I will ask him questions about neuropathy as well and tell you if I come up with anything.   On kind of a side note - I did read over the weekend that statins taken for cholesterol can cause neuopathy in a small number of patients.  I know I've been on them for 6 years as a precaution so it makes me wonder if there is a connection.  I am going to look into more of that as well.    Wishing you the best in the mean time. 

hi i am julie brittle insulin dependent diabetic for 37 yrs never heard of dupatrins contracture educate me ! the besty thing i have ever did for me was get a cosomo insulin pump 5yrs ago does jon have a pump? email me if you want any info i forward what i know good luck best wishes julie hope too hear from you

Hi Julie - Dupatrins is a genetic 'syndrom' (?)  which affects mostly men and many who have daibetes for some reason (maybe makes them more suseptable)  not sure what causes it...but the tendons in the hands and feed start to shrink and harden  causing the digits to curl up and a loss of strength in the grip...sometime, he can't even close his hand in a fist or open his hands flat.  I guess they only thing that can treat it is surgery.  they open up the hand and scrape off the tendons (I guess....???)  crazy...supposidly there is no pain associated with this syndrom...but when you mix in neuropathy..well..that's's hard to tell.

Jon does not have a pump...long story..he was close about a year ago but perhaps the pump is not right for him.  He has made a lot of improvements of the last few years..but he still has a hard time with drs, so....until he is ready to cooperate and give them the info they want,...he's on the poor man's pump...

we have seen evidence that the pump can change a lot...maybe some day...=)  I would love to know the process of how you got yours.  maybe you can share???

I have neuropathy and have tried Alpha Lipoic Acid, high doses of Vitamin C, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E which have all helped some have also heard that N.O. helps too as found in the diabetic supplement Nitrix, but haven't tried that yet. Check out this article in Diabetes Health Magazine that gives specific doses of supplements and how they work to help or maybe even reverse neuropathy.

I had numbness in my feet so bad (and pain) that I couldn't sleep at night... within 2 hours of my first dose of 100 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid I could feel my toes again and the pain was gone for 12 hours, I take it 2x daily to keep the pain away and it may even reverse the damage.

Good luck!


I have had (dupatrins contracture) I can not spell it either both hands ..It got so bad that my hands were like claws all crunched up and VERY PAINFUL, but I had it operated on and now no problems at all ....they did one hand at a time ..and recoup time was about 6-8 weeks for each hand but it was worth it ...they work fine now and no pain!!!  There is scaring on both palms but I can open and close hands and use them like normal ... Maybe he should check it out with a neurosurgeon that is who did my operation.I would not recommend talking to a regular surgeon....there are  nerves,muscles and tendons involved ...and anytime you are having any surgery involving nervs you NEED to talk to a neurosurgeon.