Neuropathy, depression, hypoglycemic unaware

I am really struggling to cope lately and wondered if anyone with these issues have found help? Disability is impossible to survive on. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I can relate somewhat, having recently developed neuropathy and nephropathy myself after 30 years of T1D. Fortunately I’m still getting around fine and working, but it’s sobering to have complications set in. Always seemed so far away. A couple of suggestions if you haven’t already tried:

  1. Call your county offices and ask if there are workforce retraining programs that could help you find something you could learn to bring in even a part-time income. I can’t say for sure, but maybe Disability is like Social Security, where you can earn a supplemental income as long as it doesn’t exceed a certain amount.

  2. The three biggest expenses for most people are rent/mortgage, groceries, and automobile. Are there any of these expenses that could be modified to free up more money each month? Taking in a roommate or shopping in bulk could save you some.

  3. Your county offices may also be able to suggest free or low-cost counseling services. Even just a few sessions with a counselor could help you regain perspective and learn ways to cope when you’re feeling down. T1D is emotionally challenging, and we all need a little help sometimes.

Drop us a note to let us know how you’re doing.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I have already explored those options. I really don’t know what is left. Diabetes has literally consumed me!

I’m sorry the depression is so consuming, which is very understandable. Not trying to be a pest but we don’t want you to give up and want to help steer you in the right direction. You say you explored those options…were you able to find a source for low-cost counseling? That needs to be Step 1. If you couldn’t get answers, let us know your zip and maybe we can find some resources you can check out. A social worker can also assist with resources for your financial issues. Do you have a Catholic Social Services office you can call?

Please you are not being a pest. Yes I have both psychiatrist and therapist. The county is not accepting applications for housing. My zip is 19454The local JDRF says they cannot recommend doctors.

I know it is challenging, sometimes painful, and the majority of us experience depression from time to time. You are doing the right thing to reach out for help. Isolation is the worst thing for us. You may consider exploring working online. There are freelancer sites that allow you to create a free profile and list your skills and interests. You can search available assignments and submit proposals for anything that interests you. Employers can also write to you to invite you to submit for their assignments. In 2015, we are permitted to earn up to $780 per month in wages without losing Social Security Disability Benefits. Contact the Social Security Office and ask for the Trial Work Period Booklet. Many of the people working in the local offices don’t understand the program, so don’t settle for a verbal description. Get the details in writing. I completely agree that it is next to impossible to survive on the Social Security Disability Benefits alone. If your therapist is not a good fit, try your local religious organizations. I’ve had some great counseling sessions with my Pastor over the 3 decades that I’ve been taking insulin. Make sure that you have a support system of a few close friends or family members who live close by. Join your local diabetes organization and attend their meetings or events when you feel up to it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!