Neuropathy - Metanx

Has anyone experience neuropathy?  I've been experiencing this nowadays and I don't understand because it seems that I have my blood sugar level at bay.  I will be having my blood drawn tomorrow hoping that my A1c is lower this time.  The last 3 months, it was at 7.3, two months after 13 or so (diagnosed in May 2011).  My podiatrist prescribed me metanx.  I have not noticed anything yet.


Has anyone used Metanx?  If so, how long did it take to alleviate your neuropathy?  thanks everyone :)

Good morning Allen

I can remember when I first went on the pump, brought my A1C down from 13 to below 7, just as you mentioned. I experienced neuropothy symptoms, "Pain" for a short while, then it went away. My CDE & Endo, both stated my body was adjusting to the much improved control. This could be the case here. Ask your endo though.

Hi Jdole, how long did the pain last?  Did you take any medications for it?  The first week or so that I took metanx, it seemed like it was getting better.  Then one of the days during the lunch time, I thought I injected myself with insulin, but I don't think i did, when the food was being digested, i could feel my veins constricting and my foot started to tingle and it's been this way for a week or two now.  I will know my current A1c this Monday.  It should be below 7.3 this time but not so sure why my feet is hurting.

Hi Allan

This was over 10 years ago, but if memory serves me, it was probably at least a month. The stinging sensation in my feet was about the only real issue. Vission waivered a bit too, but I wrote that off to all the laser I had to do 20+ years ago. Don't wait to see your Dr. Call him/her, and explain what your going through, and ask for a diagnosis over the phone. This may rest your mind a little bit. Stress is a bad thing for anyone, but can cause havick with sugar control. Hoping for the best for you!



Last time I went to my endo she said I was showing small signs of neuropathy and prescriped me Mentax, I have not been on the medicine long enough to know if it works well or not but she did say that she has a paitent with mild nueropathy and after 6 months of Mentax it was completley gone so it gives me hope.