Neuropathy pain

My 19yr old daughter has been T1D since 5 yrs old ,and for the last few months have been dealing with neuropathy complications with excruciating burning feeling, shocks ,and sores on her legs and feet ,nothing seems to alleviate the pain.As a dad its hurting me knowing I cant do much to help my daughter. Has anyone had any help with managing the pain

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Hi @n.cintron1 and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry to hear your daughter is suffering with this. Has she seen a neurologist yet?

yes she has a team consisting of neurologists,endocrinologist, rheumatologist,eye doctors and her pediatrician,they are trying to figure out if its something else besides neuropathy and are leaning towards Lupus of which they want to start her on medication for lupus without a confirmed diagnosis of lupus.I am trying to fight my emotions but it’s been hard to ,shes had steroid treatment, galvipentan, melatonin, and of course insulin, and now the lupus medication which she hasn’t decided whether to take or not ,and did I mention a dramatic weight lost from 110lbs t0 82 lbs ,I’m doing all I can but they cant find a answer

I’m going to preface this by saying do your research, but my husband is from West Africa and is a big proponent of herbal remedies whenever possible. He swears by turmeric and moringa, both of which can help with joint pain. We also use raw shea butter - I rubbed some on my chest and nose the other night and my allergy sneezing speed almost immediately; he’s using it for a sore shoulder and is getting better.
Again, so some research to see what is said online, including any warnings - some herbal treatments so let blood sugar and you have to figure out how to factor it in and be prepared. But she may find some relief.

Hi @n.cintron1 and welcome to TypeOneNation. This is a very specific question and most of us here aren’t doctors. If you live near a big city I would suggest to reach in to the Rheumatologist network for multiple opinions. Diabetes is an autoimmune malfunction. There are many co-malfunctions that can be part of this disease. Celiac,RA, Lupus, thyroid…there are too many to list. Since this is a complex issue (steroid use can be very hard with Type 1 diabetes) I urge you to deep dive the specialists route. I hope your daughter is ok. Please let us know what happens.

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Thanks for the feedback Joe I will definitely do my homework and consult with other rheumatologist and neurologist to see where it leads ,I might as well get ready for the long battle I’m going to be dealing with to do everything I can to get my daughter well,Thanks again

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I appreciate the information, I will definitely do a deep research hoping there’s light at the end of the tunnel thanks again