Neuropathy question

I hope this question is okay (@moderators) as it is not this about diabetic neuropathy but I’m hoping to get some ideas and suggestions that might help, from people who have undergone treatment for it.
My cousin’s husband is in his late 70s, does not have diabetes (he’s been tested and all is normal) and has extreme coldness in his legs and feet - to the extent that my cousin can’t stand for his legs to touch hers. Even under blankets she finds them painfully cold so I can’t imagine what it must feel like to him. He can walk a little, with difficulty.
He’s seen numerous specialists including of course a neurologist, but so far none have been able to give a diagnosis. I know we’re not doctors here - I’m just asking if there are things he might look into that may not be obvious? For instance I suggested he be tested for food allergies. My cousin said he really (really really) enjoys sweets and of course I know what that can do to usType 1s if we don’t cover with insulin, but I don’t know what kind of damage it can do to others.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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OK here goes, I will get itching and tingling in my hands to start, and every time this starts i check my blood, i am in the 112 to 120 range, when the symptoms appear, by raising my BS the pain goes away, Here is the reason, the brain requires sugar to operate it is fuel for the brain, and it isn’t having low blood sugar is is just the the brain requires more so when this happens the brains steals it from our periferal nerves as they are covered in glucose., so by raising my blood sugar the pain goes away, in your cousin’s husband case his over abundance of sweets can also cause pain. Has he seen a cardiologist, because his symptomology sounds cardiac, every time i see mine he always checks my circulation, bad circulation can cause your cousin’s husband these problems. Just a suggestion

Thanks a million @JaniceD. What you said about glucose levels being not low, but still lower than needed - got me thinking about his huge sweet tooth: maybe that’s his body’s way of saying it needs more glucose to function (even if he’s not choosing a healthy source). At the same time (or on the other hand) the sugar could be doing damage to his body. I’ll suggest he discuss those and the cardiac possibility with his doctor if he hasn’t already. Much appreciated!