Hello all. I was just diagnosed in October 2010. I never really had any problems with my hands and feet before that but since i have gotten my blood sugar under control I have noticed that my hands and feet "fall asleep" very easily. My hands seem to always "fall asleep" while I am sleeping at night. Does anyone know why this might be? Just my body getting used to being "normal"?

Hey Cristina, I bet it's too early to worry about neuropathy if you were just diagnosed. I'm not sure what it is, but I think you're right that maybe it will just get better as your body adjusts. If not, you could ask at your next endo appt.


I have the same problem as you. My hands fall asleep so quickly if I put them a certain way. I've had the D for about 8 months now and it really is probably nothing to worrry about because you are early in diabetes. Your body is probably just getting use to those sometimes higher blood sugar levels.. I've talked to my doctor about it and she said that stuff like that early in a diagnosis is nothing to be worried about, unless it is actually painful or all the time. Hope I helped! :)

Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better =0)