I have a question to everyone about neuropathy. Let me start out by saying i am a 39 yr old man and I was diagnosed at 13. My type 1 has ben under control for the most part. last year I started showing signs of diabetic neuropathy. At first it was really bad cramps and tingling in my feet and legs. Then I would experience numbness. I did everything my doctors told me. My bs was good, my a1c's were good, i did everything I could to slow this horrible disease down. Then I was faced with horrible pain in my feet and loss of balance. It's not just a little loss of balance, most days I have to use a cane or I will fall. I have tried 4 different kinds of meds that were supposed to help w/ neuropathy but they only made it worse. It is so bad, I can no longer work. I have tried to no avail to get some kind of disablity even though my doctors say I am unable to work. They say I could get a sit down job somewhere. Keep in mind I can't even drive anymore because I can't really control my legs all of the time. What my question really is, is there anything anyone can think of that might help my neuropathy? I have stopped taking all of the neuropathy meds because of side effects. No pain meds no nothing. I am willing to try just about anything and the doctor seems to have run out of ideas. Oh, I forgot to mention the pain is starting to affect my left hand also. I would appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, whatever. If you have neuropathy I'd like to know how you cope, Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

I am very sorry for your situation Royce.  I do not have any advice for the neuropathy, but I have plenty of experience with disability (SSI that is).  They turn EVERYONE down!  The key is to keep trying.  I am no longer on SSI since I got married, but I had it for four years.  It took me three years of trying to get it and from what I hear that is a pretty average number.  Appeal, appeal, appeal.  They will eventually give you a hearing to present your case to an administrative law judge.  This is where you need a lawyer.  There are lawyers that will represent you for a percentage of the settlement you get.  No money up front, no fee if you do not get a settlement.

I have seen people that are not disabled get SSI just because they were tenacious, and I have seen genuinely disabled people just give up because the system takes too long and treated them like sub-humans because they could not work.  They even told a friend of mine who was LEGALLY BLIND that he could continue working as a ranch hand, he just needed to find a ride to get there!

Thank you for your response, CC. I guess not many here have to deal with this problem or just don't want to