Never Had Problems

Hey all. I never had much problems with my diabetes until recently. I got diagnosed type 1 about 7 years ago. I have no insurance so i pay out of pocket. I didnt check my blood sugar for years. I took my lantus in the morning and a 10 shot of novolog/humolog every time i had a full meal. And that was that.

I go to the clinic once a  month for free insulin or for my random blood check. I learned after a blood result that my cholesterol was up. So i cut out egg yolks from my morning breakfast (4 eggs). and switched to egg whites. I was told to increase my lantus....which i did. My sugar stabalized more. I didnt need a shot after lunch or what not. I went back to the clinic for another blood test and was told my cholesterol was 3X higher. I couldnt believe it. 1 egg is the daily cholesterol. And i was eating 4. And since switching to egg whites i thought i was good. But my results were worse. And then i started getting panic attacks and feeling like i was going to die all the time...the second i got hungry.

When I never checked my sugar and i felt like a million bucks. But when i started testing and doing everything by the book I started having more problems then ever. Daily i get panic attacks and it seems to happen everytime i get the slightest bit hungry.

Ive never had this problem before when i was trying to save money by not testing the sugar. As a matter of fact. I never carried my meter with me. i didnt need to. Now i wont leave the house with out it. My sugar is always stabalized or dropping and the panic attacks are endless.

Does anyone else have this problem or something similar?

Hey CT,

Some people have elevated cholesterol regardless of what they eat and there are three measurements involved.  There's the hdl, which is the "good" cholesterol, the ldl, which is the "bad" cholesterol and the "triglycerides", which are also considered bad.  Triglycerides can become elevated by eating fat, but they can also be made by the body out of carbohydrates.  Did your doctor put you on a "statin" medication?  Many of the statins, like pravastatin and simvastatin are older drugs which are available very cheap at places like Wal-Mart (3 month supply for $10.)  For many people they work to improve cholesterol numbers.  Exercise is also very good for lowering cholesterol.

When you have your "panic attacks" when you get hungry is your sugar low?  I could see how hypoglycemia could cause a panic attack, especially if you're away from home or worse yet, driving a car.  If not, it's possible that your new regimen of testing your sugars regularly and adjusting you dosages has you a bit nervous or "freaked out."  I t would be totally understandable that not being able to understand the reason for you cholesterol problem and perhaps somewhat out-of-control blood sugars would cause anxiety and panic attacks.  Fortunately, there are also some very effective and low-cost ways to treat panic attacks with generic anti-depressants and tranquilizers.  Usually, it just takes a short period of treatment to get them under control.  Panic attacks can be very debillitating and should be taken seriously and treated by a professional.

It's great, however, that you are now on the right track to understanding and managing your health issues.  I'm going through a very similar thing right now, and I have good days and bad ones.  You just have to stick with it and work closely with your doctor.

I have cholesterol issues too, although I had to wait for test results before I found out.  What I noticed was the higher my cholesterol, the more anxious I felt, even when there was no stress.  When I got stressed my chest felt really tight, and I got close to panic attack territory. I will probably get put on stronger medication, but the two best things I did so far were switch to a vegan diet and stop smoking.

Paul is right. Panic attacks need to be taken seriously, and you should start sooner rather than later.


My doctor had me start taking omega 3 fish oil pills.  2 in the morning and 2 at night. I will know on my next blood results if those have had an effect. I think, well hoping, that they did something. I exercise regularly so thats a plus.

When I get these attacks which have not been as bad as they first were....i check my sugar right away. And my sugar is usually right where it should be. And I am almost always away from home and one of the worse. I naturally stay away from fatty cholesterol food anyways. Thats what bothered me.

I think you nailed it when you said im adjusting to the new regimen. I do get extremely nervous/freaked out often now. Because when i started getting these attacks i kept convincing myself that i was about to die. I just got to shake it out of my mind and relax sometimes i guess.

Thanks for writing. Its good to hear back from people. Sometimes you just feel outcasted and alone with Diabetes.

Hey CT,

If you on't want to go on meds for panic attacks or anxiety disorder, I understand.  There are some other techniques such as meditation and self-hypnosis.  One very simple technique, which I have a feeling you're already doing, is to breathe deeply and slowly... in through your nose and out through your mouth.  This can really help clear a panic attack.  Visualizing a relaxing scene like sitting barefoot by the ocean with the waves gently caressing the shoreline and washing over your feet on a quiet summer morning can also help.  Imagine picking up the rocks, shells and seaweed... exxamining each one closely... and gently tossing it out to sea.  Imagine as you breathe deeply and slowly in and out the particular smell of the breeze by the ocean and imagine scooping up some warm ocean water between cupped hands, tasting the salty flavor,  and then allowing the water to drip back down as you slowly part your hands.  Imagine sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings.

Hey, CT! I hope things start looking up for you.

Outside of fish oil, there are other "good fats" you can eat that will help lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good (HDL). triglycerides are typically in the body for about 3 hours after eating, so it's encouraged to fast (as much as a diabetic can) before a cholesterol check.

good fats include: olive oil, "pink" fish (like salmon, tuna, marlin... NOT shrimp--that has high amounts of cholesterol), nuts (including peanut butter), soy.

also, a lot of cholesterol is not necessarily coming from the cholesterol containing foods, but more from the foods containing high saturated fats (fatty meats, frieds foods). if you are interested in how much sat. fat you are eating, it is now listed on food labels. you can also look for foods that have a label saying they are fortified or enriched with "omega 3 fatty acids." those are good for your heart and keep you healthy. increasing your fiber will also do a LOT to help lower your cholesterol. if you still like eggs, there are now egg with omega-3s in them that will actually help lower your cholesterol and not raise it.

hope these tips help! good luck.

Hey thanks everyone for the advice and tips. Its greatly appreciated. Im going for more blood work in a month. I will let you know if the cholesterol has come down at all. Im feeling much better. and the "attacks" have become less and less. This only started about 3 months ago for me. Today was one of my better days. My head was clear today. I felt normal for once. When the attacks were full force on me. I couldnt even make it half way down the shopping isle with out having to leave the store cuz i got claustrophobic and paniccy.

Once again thanks everyone for the help.

Oh... I always get "paniccy" when I'm shopping and look at the price tags.  Especially when my wife's with me!