New Advocacy Intern

Hey everyone. I'm the new Advocacy/Government Relations Intern at the Kentuckiana chapter for the JDRF. Looking for new and interesting ideas for advocacy efforts. Does anyone have any new ideas or want to share some events they've already participated in??? Thanks.

I don't have any ideas, but I am willing to help and do what I can for you.  I am a Mom of two children with diabetes.  I am new to it also, my first was diagnosed in October.  I want to get out there and make others aware, and to help raise money.  I want to decrease the chance of another mother and father being told the heartbreaking news that their child is diabetic.  But I also want the parent out there to know what to look for so they can catch it quickly. 

 I would love to do a walk in Muncie, Indiana, but have no idea how to do it, or how to have the money to do it, not sure if you could work with me to do that or not?

Unfortunately, I don't work with that part of Indiana. You are going to want to contact one of the JDRF chapters in Indiana. There are 2; the Indiana State Chapter in Indianapolis, (317)469-9604 or the Northern Indiana Branch in South Bend, (574)273-1810. You can also go online and contact them email. Either one of these chapters can help you and you can sign up to be on committees for walks and other events or become a volunteer. They can also give you information for possibly developing a walk and tools for awareness.

Hello Leah,

I hope your Advocacy adventure has gotten off to a good start!  I'm sure the area you are in already does this but the one thing my family and I did this past year was volunteer at the Advocacy table at our Local Walk To Cure Diabetes.  Our Advocacy Chair set up a table and had posters made, and sign up sheets.  Each volunteer walked around the walk site asking  people to sign up for Advocacy.  It was a lot of fun and very successful.  If your area does not already set up a table at the Walk maybe you can start there.

Good Luck,



I always have new Ideas!! congrats on your internship, my wife is from Kentucky!

I am putting several new programs together, being a personal trainer and expert in diet/nutrition, I believe your first move would be a large cooking show!!

You could have experts speak and cook healthy food on out door grills! Imagine 5000 people eating sharing and promoting diabetes awareness!!

All people could learn more about what great tasting healthy food is, there are foods that help diabetics. when I coach people how to eat and live good by knowing what great tasting food really is, it changes their view of life with diabetes!! I am a powerful speaker, If i speak people listen, you need great speakers. Find some and set up a great event... Make it ROCK!!!! GET INSPIRED do something daring  lets change the face of diabetes!!

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