New, and a little lost :)

Hello! My name is Jen, and I have a type 1 diabetic 11 yr old daughter. She was diagnosed out of nowhere in October of 2010. Nobody in our family has diabetes, nor does anyone we know. It's been a crazy year trying to get a handle on how to go through daily life. Fortunately, my daughter is very strong and brave and has been amazing through all of this.

Because we have nobody to talk to about what it is like to live with diabetes in our home, I thought I would try to connect to people here.

Hi Jen,

Glad to have you here. You have come to the right place. There are many families here going through the same exact thing as you described, and we are here to help you along the way.

I will forward this thread to some of the parents to help you out. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to inbox me anytime!


Thank you! It feels nice to know there are people who understand!

Welcome to the site. I have a friend named Jen Foreman and thought maybe you were her! Very glad to have you here with us :o)

We are also parents of a daughter just like yours.  11 yr old healthy girl, with NO family history.   Hope we can learn from each other here...I was so glad to find this site as it seems that we are alone often in this adventure.   Just knowing others are fighting the same battles is comfort for us!  Hang in there!!

Only about 1/3 of type 1 diabetics have a family history.  However a lot of us have family who have other autoimmune diseases.  

Jen and Loryn I hope you'll find out if there's a diabetic summer camp in your area.  11 is a great age for camp and it will help your daughters to meet other diabetics and realize you can live a good life with D.

Take care.  -Jenna