New Blog Documenting Family Life with a Diabetic Child - Would Really Appreciate Your Thoughts!

Hi all. Since it turns out I’m not very good at baking quarantine bread, a month or so ago I decided to start writing a blog about our family’s experience with Type 1 Diabetes. Partly because it’s about time I started processing it, I think, but mostly because I hope one day it might be useful to other families who find themselves in a similar situation to ours.

I’ve been a bit unsure about whether to share it on here or not (and hope it’s okay to do so - please feel free to delete if it’s not!), but I could use any feedback (positive or negative) that’s going. So if anyone has the time and/or inclination to take a quick read, any thoughts would be much appreciated!

@collie.crisman Hi Collie, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Here you will find, and meet many people affected by Autoimmune Diabetes, all wanting to learn more, and share experiences.

I looked at your web site, but have not read all - yet, and I personally do not object to you using this forum to share your “non-commercial” offering.

The original TypeOneNation Forum, before it became part of JDRF, was created and offered freely by a young lady in New York who found herself, after graduating college and beginning work, alone with her diabetes and wanting to share with, and learn from others affected by this condition. In fact, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was created by mothers of young children who saw a need spread the word about diabetes and get things moving to make life better for their children and others with, as it was called, childhood onset diabetes.

I’ve been living with diabetes, called by a half dozen different names through the years, during seven decades and I’m still learning how best to take care of myself - much of my best learning has come from listening to, and sharing observations with other diabetics. Welcome to you, Collie!

Hi Collie, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Dennis is correct. You will find all types of experiences here.

You blog fascinated me. The Tandem t:Slim with Control IQ has a security PIN feature. It is discussed on pages 66 & 67, entitled “Security PIN”. There is also a failsafe PIN, the first six digits of Pi. I don’t remember if the BIQ pump has this feature or not. At least here is one ray of sunshine when you get to CIQ.

BTW, once a Tandem pump has upgraded, there is no way to go back.

Welcome again. Keep on sharing. It helps us all. WELCOME.

Hey there @collie.crisman! Welcome to TypeOneNation; I’m so glad you’re here! This is a great place to share your own experience and benefit from the valuable experience of others. Feel free to ask questions whenever you have them!
I read your blog and absolutely loved it. Blogging about T1D is a great way to share the daily struggles that non-PWD don’t always understand. I have a blog too (! I’m excited to keep reading yours and see what diadventures your family has in the future.