New Bottles of Insuling - Change in BS


We’re in month 2 of the diagnosis with our 7-year old. Toward the end of the first month we got some pretty good stability and BS numbers ranging from 70-160 pretty regularly. Felt great. We opened new bottles of insulin (novolog and lantus) at the start of February and the BS numbers have increased somewhat significantly - ranging more in the 150-220. Anyone have experience where the meds are that inconsistent? I have read a bit about the honeymoon phase but it seems oddly coincidental to have had the BS change with the new bottles of insulin.

hi @sboraz318,

there are only 13 million things that can affect the way your blood sugar/insulin works. Try a different new bottle of insulin. If that doesn’t work then work with your CDE or endo to come up with a strategy to keep higher blood sugars down. IN 30+ years, I have never had a bad bottle of insulin right out of the box.

it is common for people to experience “honeymoon”. this is a time where, after you start taking insulin, your body will make a little insulin as well. This time period can be 2 weeks to 6 moths or even more. During this time, it can seem easier to control blood sugar. When “honeymoon” ends, it is typical to need more injected insulin.

hope you are okay, please reach out if you need help!