I just got my CGM a few weeks ago, and I've decided its more of a frienemy than anything else.   I loved my pump when I switched to it, and was hoping I would love the CGM just as much.  I think part of my problem is a quest for perfection, which I believe is nearly impossible with this crazy disease.  Anytime I see my numbers creeping upward on my receiver I correct, and if things don't come down quick enough, I tend to correct again.  This leads to huge swings between highs and lows and leaves me frustrated and emotionally and physically drained.  I'm hoping that this is just a newbie habit and will wear off as I get used to having this influx of data.  


I have also experienced some body image issues relating to wearing two devices now that I really didn't experience much when I first started pumping.  I'm much more self-conscious now that I have two sites on my body than when I had just one.  It didn't really help that one of my best friends asked to see my CGM site and then gasped and turned away when she saw it.  I know I just need to get used to it and eventually I'll be ok with this being another part of who I am and how I look, but for now I'm struggling a bit with it.  

Give it a chance but if it's not helping you then get rid of it.  I adjusted to the pump without much problem, but felt like a cyborg when I tried a CGM and had 2 devices on me. Figure out what works for you and have peace with it.

Hate to burst your bubble, but perfection and diabetes are impossible.  Just try to do your best and live a good life.  It will be okay.

It certainly does help me better see how specific foods and duration/intensity of various exercise activities affect my glucose levels. I don't see a need to get rid of it at this point, although eventually I might wear it less frequently.  I think I just need to get past the habit of over-correcting in response to the graphs.  

No need to burst the bubble - I'm well aware that perfection doesn't exist - but I also don't think there is a problem with striving to get as close to it without losing your mind as you can.  

I love wearing my Dexcom on my upper thigh.  Nobody knows it's there unless I am in a swimsuit and I say, "This is my friend Dex, he tells me what my blood sugar is all the time, it's frickin awesome"  I wear my Omnipod on my upper arm.  It's huge!  But I never notice it, only people behind me know it's there and I really don't care what they think about it cause my a1c is 6.3.  

We are pretty much bionic women.  It's amazing.