New Changes In Health Insurance, Favorable To Diabetics

[b]Here are some of the changes taking effect as of September 23[/b] (Please note some of these will impact you when your insurance plan's year begins):

[b]No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions for Children:[/b] Insurers are prohibited from rejecting children under age 19 because of their diabetes.

[b]No Dropping the Sick:[/b] Insurers are prohibited from rescinding policies to avoid paying medical bills when a person is diagnosed with diabetes or has a complication related to diabetes.

[b]No Lifetime Limits on Benefits:[/b] Lifetime caps on benefit coverage are prohibited, and there are new restrictions on annual limits as well.

[b]Young Adults Can Stay on Their Parents' Plans Until Age 26.[/b]

[b]Right to Appeal:[/b] New protections provide consumers with a way to appeal coverage decisions to their insurance company and to an external review process.

In addition, earlier this summer, new high risk pools were established for people who could not get insurance because of conditions like diabetes, and seniors began receiving a $250 rebate for medications they previously had to pay for on their own. For more information about what you can expect from the new law and a timeline of when changes take effect, see the September issue of Diabetes Forecast® and

woohoo! very positive changes. too bad i'm 26 and jobless. haha. :o)

good it is About time.

To bad it also made our private insurance go up. Not sure for what reason tho. There could be two and I am not 100% positive one is legit or just what people are being told at my hubbies company. At any rate I think the increase which is I think around 30 more a week up from 20 so a total of around 200 a month just for the hubby and I is worth paying to have our kids protected.

As a mom of a 16 year old T1, I am very happy about being able to cover her until 26. Before this new change, she was already concerned about the cost of her supplies, although I told her everything will be okay.  And I had told her not to worry, that even when she leaves home, if she needed help with her supplies, I was always here. This will be one less thing for her to worry about.

I am glad, for myself and others in our situation, that we'll be able to keep Sarah on our good health coverage until she is 26, but am concerned about how expensive this law is overall. I guess we'll see how it plays out over the next few years.

By a 2 to1 margin Americans think the bill didn't go far enough. The opposite of what many politicians are claiming and campaigning on.

This is the richest country on the planet. Every single modern industrial country in the world has guaranteed universal health care but the USA. We spend more on heath care then any other country per person and we don't have coverage for everyone. Our outcomes are not the best in the world either so we are not even getting what we pay for. We spend more than enough on health care. It's just that the money is in the wrong hands. For profit health care here has the highest administrative costs in the world. 20%. Medicare has only 3%.

It is a moral disgrace that we don't have good guaranteed health care for all for as much as we spend.  Few people worry about the cost of our two simultaneous unfunded wars but making sure sick children can get decent health care sends people into fiscal distress. It is not logical. I am embarrassed for my country whenever I see people here asking for help because they are out of money, insurance or supplies and can't afford them. If these people get sick because they are out of insulin or test strips and have to go to an emergency room the cost to taxpayers is tens if not hundreds of times more expensive than giving them a box of test strips or an insulin pen. Who among us would sacrifice our children in the name of for profit health care? If there is anything wrong with the new health care bill it is insufficient, not excessive.

Amen Terry!

Terry, that is very true, and very well written! Thanks.

Very excited about the new changes to insurances around the world.
Back 2 years ago, I lost my insurance after I got out of high school because I was 18 years old.
It was a terrible time because as a Type 1 diabetic you always HATE to not have insurance.
But luckily I've had diabetes now for 20 years, and I had built up on insulin & diabetic supplies to last until I could get accepted into the local Technical College.
So I was very lucky. Then when I did get my insurance back I was told that my insurance didn't cover PRE-EXISTING disease which sucked cause I had to wait even longer before my insurance would pick up.

So I'm extrememly happy to see that these changes are coming into affect.
About the only thing good about our new president :)