New clip for t:slim x2

Tandem is now selling an updated clip for its case for $6. It states it has been re-designed with better grip.

Has anyone purchased this clip? If so, how has it worked for you?

I’ve been using the new clip since January and it works well. My updated clip came with a new case.
The rubber on the clip tends to grip fabric quite effectively.

Just for the other side of the coin here. One idea is to use a cellphone case like the ones designed for the 2000 - 2005 flip phones. They fully protect the pump and have great belt clips.

Just food for thought.

Thank you for the information Dennis. I did not realize it has been available for that long. Best regards,

Scott @Scott, it was only recently that I saw mention of the new pump -case clip on the Tandem site.
In January at a TypeOneNation Summit, I mentioned to a Tandem representative that my pump-case had a crack and would need replacement. Later that afternoon, she found me and gave me a replacement case and pointed out that it had one of the new clips that were being tested.

I’m still using my old clip. I wear my pump horizontally, which I’m not crazy about but I find my pump slips off if the clip is mounted vertically.
Had anyone has success with the new clip placed vertically? Thanks!

Actually, Dorie @wadawabbit , I have my new clip on vertically just as I had my old clip - and neither slip off.

Before removing your clip from the horizontal position, observe how it is held in, and then place your clip vertically in the same manner. You will hear a slight “click” which tells you that you did it correctly.

Thank you @Dennis. I tried it earlier today, only to have the pump slip off the clip. Thankfully I was able to catch it. There’s a little tab that makes the clicking sound, and I discovered it was missing from the vertical slot - no clue when or hire it happened, but I saw a small crack in the case as well so it looks like I have to order a new one. It looks like the newest clip must be purchased separately.

Hi @GiannaR10. I called Tandem yesterday about replacing my case, which is developing a crack in the back, which I discovered as I tried moving my clip to the other position. I was just killing time but I was on hold for nearly 45 minutes before being told they do not replace cases. Surprisingly she didn’t even refer me to Tandem’s website, but sent me a link to Amazon. I ended up going to Tandem’s online store and ordering a case - and the new clip - there. Even if they don’t replace cases I find it odd to refer me to Amazon but it is what it is. Maybe you will have better luck than I did.