NEW: Dexcom Share

Dexcom just announced Share!

What do you think?

I don’t see the benefit in Share for me but I am using Nightscout technology with my Dexcom.

Share might be good for parents wanting to monitor their children, but I don’t think there is benefit for myself. I want my Dexcom to communicate with my pump so I can carry one device. My Medtronic Paradigm 522 is out of warranty and over 5 years old, so I am considering either the Animas or Tandem Tslim when it is integrated with Dexcom. Animas just released the pump that is integrated with Dexcom. Two insertion sites are still needed - one for the Dexcom transmitter and one for the pump, but the Dexcom receiver is no longer needed.

I am going to research the Nightscout technology. Thanks, Wanitta.

Just called Dexcom and Animas and unfortunately it doesnt look like there are any plans to offer this in Canada.

So we just ordered the share and I have a ton of questions- we have friends that share the information on a pebble watch- does anyone know about this option and how it works?

I just started using the share this week and I love it! It allows the receiver to wirelessly (Bluetooth) send the bg readings in real time to an iPhone/iPad app. Sometimes I look at my bg readings on the receiver sometimes I look at my iPhone. It just gives me greater flexibility. You can also send your bg readings to up to 5 remote users. This is great for parents. I have a son that is T1D and he’s away at college in another state. His brother lives in an apartment right next to his. This would be great for him to have.

We just got our Share. However, I was surprised to see that I do not get alerts on my phone as it is the main one paired (my daughter is 8 and not have a phone). It appears the main paired phone is great if the t1d is the phone user but as a parent I’ll have to just check my phone often. I do see that followers on other phones can have alarms/alerts. Just doesn’t help me with one i phone .

Follow up. I found out I need to buy an iPod touch 5th generation for her to have in her backpack in order for it to share to my phone. More money, more money, more money!

Share is great! But yes, the person you want to monitor (in my case my 10 yr old son) has to have a phone, iPod or iPad w them and the share app open at all times in order for the follower to see BG readings. In my case, my son already had an iPhone so this works great for us. They just launched this for Android too so now my husband can get readings as well! It is sort of a pain that my son has to have his phone all the time because, well, he’s 10 and wears shorts w/o pockets! But my main concern is nighttime and this works perfectly for us! The range for this is great too. I believe it’s 20 ft. So my son can be playing outside and his phone in the house or w me and it still works. Yes it is an extra cost but in my opinion his health (and mine & my husband’s) is worth it to me. this is such a huge stress reliever for us. And being able to sleep again at night is fantastic! Our health was suffering because we were not sleeping! This is totally worth every penny for us!

@Detaildaisy “More money, more money, more money!”

This is my gripe with the whole diabetes medical equipment companies strategies. It seems diabetes care gets more and expensive with each “advance”. Most of the advances in the last several years have just been gadget integration and spitting out more and more data.

First we had blood testers which are great, but need to be fed an endless supply of expensive test strips (even with insurance). Then we get the CGM. Except we still need to do finger pokes too. Oh, and it’s supplies are even more expensive. Pump supplies too. And sensors so they can talk to each other.

I long for the day when someone will come out with something that really helps that doesn’t require more expensive supplies. And makes my diabetes care easier.

It’s really not necessary to have the latest greatest technology for good diabetes management IMHO.

I got the Share a few weeks ago and I love it, I really like the phone alerts feature